Monday, August 8, 2016


I once saw a fancy, expensive sports car being driven by a beautiful woman.  The license plate read "WAS HIS".  Granted, it could have belonged to a couple named Winifred Anne Smith & Harry Ignatius Smith, but I prefer to believe she got it in the divorce!!

We have a friend who was a shrink in Beverly Hills.  I guess his wife didn’t take him too seriously when he bought himself a motorcycle--a big Harley “hog”.  She bought him a black leather jacket & had his name put on it.  Actually, it wasn’t his name, it was the initials “BSBHP”--Big Shot Beverly Hills Psychiatrist.  He liked it so much he got a personalized license plate for the “hog”. 

A sampling of personalized license plates denied, recalled or rejected:

Some would tell you who they are:


Or perhaps just give an opinion:

They may be talking about things they like:

Or don't like:

Or they may simply need directions:

I'm pretty sure this plate wouldn't be permitted in any state:

Why are there horns on “western” saddles--do cowboys ride in heavy traffic?----fishducky