Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I should probably send this to my son Blake.
To see why, click here.

 Humphrey's Bakery used to be in the Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax in Los Angeles. 
They made fantastic cakes.  
We used to order this as a sheet cake for our New Year's Eve parties.  
They came with a bottle of champagne.  
See the elephant at the bottom center, passed out under the cake?  
He's my favorite!!

Here are some not so great cakes.
Autocorrect gets the blame for the first one.
The rest are the decorator's fault:

I think they wanted a cap on her head:

When they said “Here’s the image for the cake!” I’m not sure this is what they meant:

Never kid around while placing the order:

They took the instructions literally:

Shouldn't that be "underneath"?

That's what he said to put on there:

Remember, it’s Sheri, not Sherry: 

“Adam With Blue Flowers” is the name of my band:

Definitely not what she meant:

What can I say about this one?: 

You know that ol’ birthday expression: 

This feels borderline unsupportive:

Technically he did put a number one on it: 

That's what she said she wanted on there:

Enjoy your cake, Comma Laura:

I asked him what he wanted several times:

No, just no: 

 But we haven’t even been on one date:

How about a self-eating cake?

Not everyone wants cake:

For some strange reason, I have a craving for a piece of cake----fishducky