Friday, September 30, 2016


I am a big art enthusiast, especially of sculpture.  Years ago, Arrid deodorant used to run a TV ad that drove me crazy.  They would show a statue, like the one above, & slowly focus in on the armpit.  Classical music would be playing in the background & the announcer would say (& I’m paraphrasing) “In the adult male & the adult female, underarm perspiration can stink.”  I’m pretty sure the creators of these beautiful pieces never imagined their work would be used like this.  I have refused to ever purchase this brand of deodorant!!

I also dislike Meow Mix's ads,  in which cats ask for it by name.

And law firms that say you deserve compensation for being in an accident 
or ever using any product.

And the Clapper.  

Do you remember Head On, which claimed a headache could be cured by rubbing it on your forehead?  Their commercials were enough to give anyone a headache, which might actually have been good for sales.

This woman is an idiot:

The same comment goes here:

I wouldn't even talk to her:

This one makes me want to shoot my TV:

I have been fortunate enough to never have seen these
or I might have just blocked them from my memory.
They definitely would have been on my list:


But don't get me wrong.
There are some commercials I actually enjoy, like this one:

And this whole series:

This one fascinates me:

This is my all time favorite:

Print ads can be bad, too:

To see some really creative ads, click here. 

The older I get the more I realize that no one has any idea of what they're doing & everybody is just pretending----fishducky