Wednesday, October 12, 2016


(This post  is dedicated to Valthevictorian.)

Many times when something is broken a woman will ask her husband or significant other to fix it. Sometimes he will do it right away; sometimes not, but if a man says he will do it, he will.  It is not necessary to remind him every six months. (Thanks, Joe!!)  That would be nagging & may result in these examples I found in thereifixedit.com:

Clock resetting:

I hung up the wet towel to dry:

We don't need a new bathroom door:

The car is fine; that gives it character: 

But you said you wanted a rocking chair:

Snowmobile's working now:

I  hung up a key holder:

This hot tub heater works just fine:

The fan won't slide any more now:

Here's your damn front porch & yes, the door opens:

What's the problem?  She'll grow into them:

You said you wanted our mailbox to be different:

We don't need a new heater for the car:

Get in--it's safe:

I connected it:

Don't lose this basket like you did the umbrella:

I told you I'd pick you up at the market:

That should keep it dry enough:

I know there's a Paris, Texas; isn't there one in California, too?:

Don't tell me that's not right;
that's exactly how they spelled it on the wrapper:

The dryer's OK now:

Sometimes it's just too hard:

These are from dumpaday.com:

You don't need a new mixer:

I put a new side mirror on your car:


I can fix some things myself.  For instance, I saw three people jogging this morning & I got up off the sofa & closed the blinds----fishducky