Tuesday, October 25, 2016



A skunk eats junk
Parrots & ferrets both like carrots.
You could give a lamb peanut butter & jam.
A fox will eat lox
And any cat would wish for fish on a dish.
You could bake a cake for a drake.
The bull is full
But the cow wants to eat now.
The frog would love a glass of grog.
Cats think mice are nice, if they don't have lice
And the baby llama wants milk from its mama.
Feeding sheep is pretty cheap.
A dog may be a hog
But a giraffe will settle for half
And a bird, one third.
Tell the pelican he can eat Nutella & he'll say, "Like hell I can!!"
A goat will eat anything that floats in a moat
But a zebra won't eat anything bigger than an amoeba.
A wombat will turn you down flat.
You can lead a horse to water, not that you oughter. 
A tapir wants something with a seducing vapor.
If you feed someone a whale's tail, you'll go to jail.
Cassowaries love strawberries.
A lobster will eat a mobster
And a shark will swallow tree bark.
A lion will eat anything as long as you're buyin'.
A butterfly will eat anything that flutters by.
A salmon likes ham on anything.
Raccoons & baboons like prunes on spoons.
Antelopes love cantaloupes.
A mole likes a good casserole
But the tapir wants a glass of beer
And the tiger gets frisky when you give him whiskey.
The gnu just loves a yummy stew
But the snake insists on a steak.

When it's feeding time at the zoo
This is my advice to you;

Since it didn't cost me any cash, 
I offer a line from Ogden Nash:
"When called by a panther,
Don't anther!!"

A parrot joke for you:

A guy is doing some handyman work at a house. Across the room is a large gray parrot on a perch. The family dog comes into the room and jumps up on the couch. The parrot says, “Get off the couch!” and the dog jumps down immediately. 

A small child comes into the room with toys and the parrot says, “Go to your room!” and the child picks up his toys leaves without hesitation. 

The guy turns to the parrot and says, “I’ve never seen anything like that before."

The parrot looks at the guy and says, “Get back to work!”

Copenhagen bus

Would a snail scrambling eggs be a slow cooker?----fishducky