Monday, November 21, 2016


Actually, I no longer go to stores.  I do all my shopping on line.  In my pajamas.  Bud does all our food shopping.  I will occasionally ask Blake to pick up cosmetics at the drug store.  But even if I did my shopping in stores, BuzzFeed has convinced me that Target is not the place to go.  Here are some examples of why:

Although their prices are clearly marked:

One cannot always trust that their sale prices are bargains:

At times their prices are way too high:

 Their restrooms are not conveniently located:

Their literary suggestions are inaccurate.
These obviously belong in preschool:

They call people names:

Their skincare products are too strong:

 In their defense, I have not found a single figure ass elsewhere: 

Their drawstring waist dresses are ugly:

I do not trust the quality of their generic products:

Sometimes I have found their meat to be slightly green:

This chicken tasted funny:

There are no seat belts on these child seats:

I suppose this post would be applicable to Walmart, too: 

There are many people who actually enjoy shopping at Target:

That's enough todaying for today--I'm done----fishducky