Thursday, December 1, 2016


Having a perfect body depends a lot on where you live, according to thestir.cafemom.com.
Superdrug researchers ran a brief survey with a 35-person sample & asked participants to guess the weight of the woman in each Photoshopped image.
Here are the perfect bodies of a 5'4" woman as seen in different countries:

A woman with this ideal U.S. body type would weigh about 128 pounds. 

China's submission was the thinnest, estimated at about 102 pounds, which, at 5'4", researchers note qualifies as anorexic, according to the U.K. National Health Service.
A woman with Colombia's ideal body type would weigh approx. 147 pounds.

Italy submitted the second thinnest figure of the group. This woman would weigh 108 pounds.

A woman with the ideal body type in Peru would be around 141 pounds, guess the Superdrug researchers.

A woman with the ultimate figure in this Eastern European country may weigh about 146 pounds.

Spain's submission was the "heaviest," say researchers, coming in at around 153 pounds.

This curvy, busty shape is the ideal for Venezuelan women, and researchers guess someone with this shape would weigh about 145 pounds.
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