Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Almost fifty years ago I was enrolled in a painting workshop.  
Our instructor, Mary, asked us to do her a favor.  
Her friend Norman was about to launch his first TV show.
She wanted us to watch it.  
She said it would be different from anything we'd ever seen.  
We did & it was!! 

Her friend was Norman Lear & the show was "All in the Family".

I couldn't find a video of the first show, but this clip from their 20th anniversary
should explain why I & a whole lot of other people were so pleasantly surprised:

Did you know that  Jean Stapleton's (Edith Bunker) mother was trained as an
 opera singer & so was Jean?

These are full 1/2 hour episodes:

Here is a clip from one of the best episodes:

Archie Bunker is well known for malapropisms. He calls Orthodox Jews “off the docks Jews” & refers to the Women's Liberation Movement as the “Women’s Lubrication Movement”.  Some of his others:

"A witness shall not bear falsies against thy neighbor."

"The hookeries and massageries…the whole world is turning into a regular Sodom and Glocca Morra."

"Last will and tentacle…"

"Patience is a virgin."

"In her elastic stockings, next to her very close veins."

"Buy one of them battery operated transvestite radios."

Sometimes, when you cry, no one sees your tears.  Sometimes, when you are worried, no one 
sees your pain.  Sometimes, when you are happy, no one sees your smile.  But fart just one 



  1. Love that last cartoon.
    Like father, like son...

    1. I don't know why, but that little blond boy reminds me of a young Donald Trump!!

  2. Your closing sentence was funnier than the rest of the post. Fart just one time...ha ha.

  3. I was slow to enjoy Archie and only became a fan in reruns. Same thing happened with Seinfeld. Guess I am just a beat behind.
    Lost it at your closing line. Ain't that the truth.

    1. I've never been a fan of Seinfeld. Maybe I should give him another try!!

  4. HA! I liked your closing line, too.

    I also loved "All in the Family." It was a great show, but unfortunately, my father was an Archie Bunker clone. THAT was not funny. :)

    If you're a fan of Norman Lear and his work, I highly recommend his book "Even This I Get to Experience."

    Happy New Year, you rebel, you.

    1. I wasn't aware of the book. I just went over to Amazon & ordered it; thanks!!

  5. All in the Family was certainly groundbreaking and extremely funny those first few years.

    1. It remains on my list of top TV shows!!

  6. Very funny show. Some TV shows are as funny today as they were when first aired, I don't find that to be true with "All in the Family" I think many of the jokes don't have the shock value or impact today...still a very funny show. Some routines are timeless. Meathead wanting Gloria to wear her brunette wig to bed, and the Archie/Meathead discussion on the order to put on shoes and socks are just two examples.

    1. I love the show with the shoes & socks routine, the one where Archie is locked in the basement & talking to God & also the one where Sammy Davis kisses Archie!!

  7. I always liked when somebody looked like they were going to sit down in Archie's chair. You KNEW it wouldn't end well.

    1. My husband feels the same way about his section of the couch!!


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