Thursday, February 9, 2017


This is a tattoo.  Although very clever, it is not what I mean!!

(A reworked post from 2014 with all new cartoons.)

I'm not a big fan of tattoos, especially on women, but I do love me some body painting!!  There is currently a TV series called "Skin Wars" where body artists paint directly on models, who are generally naked. 

Look carefully at these three pictures.
There is a person standing in front of the shelves in each of them!!

The artists are assigned specific challenges.
They may be asked to "dress them":

Do an abstract painting:

Or turn them into something else entirely:

All photos above from "Skin Wars" (I think).

I've just discovered an even more amazing form of body painting, done by a woman who was born to Chinese parents on Japan.  Her name is 
Hikaru Cho. This is what yahoo.com says about her:

She works on art she says is short-lived but intended to reveal a new way to look at the human form.
"As soon as I finish, the work starts deteriorating as it begins to dry," said Cho as she painted a hatch on a shaved head that reveals iron bars behind which a tortured figure languishes, desperate to escape.

The intense realism of the painting, part of Tokyo Designers' Week, would last only hours, destined to be washed off as soon as the canvas took a shower.
"I think of an illusion in three dimensions," she said. "I take in an element of trickery to make things appear hollowed out or to seem as if something is emerging."
The head painting -- as much a performance as a picture -- is someone literally "imprisoned by their thoughts", she said.
"This is something totally impossible in real life. I want viewers of my art to question what they usually think is normal," she said.
Her work, which can take up to seven hours, has previously included a huge zipper on a woman's back that is coming open to show the inner workings.
Cho's ultimate ambition is to paint an entire -- and naked -- body.
"Seventy percent of a human body is made of water, they say. I want to make that visible," she said.
Here are some examples of her work:

These women paint on themselves.

For you tattoo aficionados, some cartoons:



  1. Fascinating. I'm not against tattoos but I've never seen one that I thought would look good on me.

  2. The painted on clothes always fascinate me. I would even do it....I think.

  3. No one will be painting on my naked bod anytime soon. My son had his wife's name tattooed on his arm. When they divorced, he had it covered with a pair of scissors that looks as if it's cutting the name off. He has way too many tattoos.


    1. There are only 4 people in my family with tattoos: My son Matt, his daughter & son & a great niece. I think that's enough!!

  4. Those temporary body paintings are incredible. Weird but amazing. If I had the desire to have had it done in the first place, I would probably get pretty stinky not wanting to wash it off.

    1. I think incredible is an excellent description of them!!


  5. Oh WoW!!! while my stomach was churning looking at those photographs my daughter says "Cool" . Thanks for sharing .
    I hope that all is well with you.

  6. Those painted bodies blending with the background are amazing! I also liked the Butterball tattoo. But the very first one took me a minute to figure out the significance of that mower. Duh!

  7. The body art is fabulous, I really like the one with the buttons undone on the belly.
    I don't have any tattoos, but three of my kids do and one grand daughter.

    1. I'm 82 but I'm still considering getting a tattoo of a small fishducky. I just don't know where to put it!!


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