Thursday, April 13, 2017


Weird thought #1:
If we saw out of our belly buttons, how would that change clothes designing?  
What about old men’s pants?

Weird action #1
(They look trustworthy to me.)

Weird thought #2
How do we really know for sure if doggy treats are 
bacon (or any other advertised) flavor?
Do they have humans taste them?
(Ed. note: The father of one of my son's friends opened & ate
some dog biscuits while his wife was out.  
He was colorblind & didn't read the box  
They looked like some regular kind of cookies.
He said they were OK, but kind of dry.)

Weird thought #2a
Why don't they train service dogs for the colorblind?

Weird action #2

Weird action #3

Weird thought #3
What if elephants & hippos were they only ones who could dance ballet?
Can you imaging them in tutus & tights?

Weird action #4
I'm sure she thought (if she thought at all)
"I'll take a peekaboo picture; won't that be cute?"

Weird thought #4
When dogs are thinking, do they bark silently inside their heads?

Weird action #5
Photos can often be the most painful reminders of the loss of a loved one.
For one grandmother, a photo of her with her late husband proved that sentiment to be true; however, the image was too strong a reminder that her husband hadn't been “so nice” in life — so she set about to “improve” her memory of him following his death.
Reddit user Greentechbuilder captured his friend's grandmother's attempt to fill her home with fonder memories of her marriage instead of looking at a constant reminder of heartache:
With a magazine cutout of near-perfect proportions grandma pasted the face of Leonardo DiCaprio over that of her deceased husband's.

Weird thought #5
When ice skaters make really tight spins, like the layback,
why don't they screw themselves into the ice?

Weird thoughts #6-8

If you try to fail & you do, have you succeeded?

If you refused to carry a watermelon & some oranges, 
have you borne no fruit?

Why isn't 11 pronounced one-ti-one?

Am I the only one who explains my thoughts to myself so that the little guy who lives inside my head won't misunderstand my thoughts?----fishducky



  1. I regularly ate dog biscuits as a child. The dog my biscuits given half a chance so it seemed fair.
    I am thinking about the repressed far theory. It explains a lot except that I am surprised that some of the people who promote the ideas have ever repressed any thing (of their own).

  2. I'm stunned. Literally. Earlier this morning, around 4am, I was searching online for Broom Hilda comics, and here you have one printed. *snap!*
    If you try to fail and you do, have you succeeded?

    1. If that's true, I have succeeded many more times than I realized!!

  3. Somehow I can't imagine buying anything from that couple, and they evidently sold a hundred of those tickets. That is a lot of crack heads.

  4. Hey, we don't need to imagine hippos in tutus. All you need do is rent the Walt Disney classic "Fantasia."

  5. I don't know what to say about all this, except the horse did the right thing. And you are so FUNNY!

  6. Oh yes, I think she got what she asked for when taking the peek a boo picture ha ha

    1. Instead of "Peekaboo, I see you" it was "Peekaboo, I can't see anything right now"!!

  7. Maybe that lady was just playing "Peek-a-POO!"

    That Golden Ticket selling dude must have been holding his farts in. You know, I was reading his statement, and her statement, nodding along, not really shocked, not even by his picture...until I got to the police report and the BABY ALLIGATOR. That's preposterous!

    1. Maybe the baby alligator was meant to be a booby prize!!


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