Wednesday, April 26, 2017


1. This foolproof way to get a good photo of your dog.
2. These city grates that save high-heel wearers a whole lot of trouble.
aliciabishadoo / Via instagram.com
3. This surefire way to win an ugly sweater contest.
4. These “parking spaces” for dogs outside of an Ikea in Berlin.
Twitter: @GarethJeffJones
5. This nail polish that changes colors when dipped into a drink contaminated with a date rape drug.
instagram.com / Via instagram.com
You can sign up to receive updates about the Undercover Colors product launch on their website.

6. This woman who used her refrigerator’s ice box to make pouring herself chilled white wine a snap.

7. The wonderfully simple way this artist incorporated their surroundings into their art.
Instagram: @clemensgerlach
8. This strategy for motivating yourself to study.
m1cayla_d / Via instagram.com
9. This bookshop’s “blind date with a book” campaign that encourages you to try something new (and not judge a book by its cover).
eloisedlc / Via instagram.com
10. This convenient cell phone holder for when you’re doing your business.
Instagram: @www.instagram.com/wot_u_sayin_tho/?hl=en
11. This bakery that delivers warm, fresh cookies until 3 a.m.
Twitter: @aimeeinnyc
12. This mobile sauna in Budapest that makes it a whole lot easier for people to escape the cold.
7unde / Via instagram.com
13. This literal cupcake ATM that will quickly satisfy your cupcake craving any time of day.
lucydelane / Via instagram.com
Sprinkles cupcake ATMs are available in 13 locations including Beverly Hills, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Tampa, Florida. See the full list here.

14. These nail covers that will guarantee you never smudge your fresh manicure.
Get a set of ten for $1.76.

15. This grocery store that offers kids free fruit so they’re busy snacking — and not whining — while their parents shop.
Twitter: @TedMcCluskey
The grocery store with this smart idea was Britain’s Tesco.

16. This epic way to relax at a beach party.
Twitter: @isruTekiM
17. This box of sandals at a wedding that solves the “I want to wear heels but I also want to dance” quandary.
theloom.in / Via instagram.com
18. This waste receptacle that encourages people to throw away their cigarette butts by letting them vote for the world’s best soccer player.
Twitter: @_AkashSahu

19. And this notebook that guarantees you’ll never forget another “brilliant” idea when drunk again.
hazelgeneralstore / Via instagram.com
Order one for $13.50.





  1. I like the Insomnia Cookies and Cupcake ATM ideas. Euw on the "handy phone holder" idea. And I think women in stilettos should walk alongside the grates not over them. Just in case.

  2. The color changing nail polish and the cupcake machine are brilliant. The phone prop, not so much.

    1. I think most people would agree with you on the phone idea!!

  3. Our grocery store also has a shelf of free fruit for kids to munch on while their parents shop.

    1. Everybody with little kids, move to Oregon!! (You can stay with Stephen while you're house hunting.)

    2. Ditto here in Australia, the Woolworths chain of supermarkets.

  4. The date rape detecting nail polish should be sold with a taser gun.

  5. Some of these are brilliant. I agree with the date rape nail polish being the best. Joeh has a great idea for an add on to the invention.

    1. The add on should not even be optional, but automatic!!

  6. The date rape nail polish is brilliant for sure, and much better with the add on.

  7. Insomnia cookies. Drool.
    And hooray for the nail polish.

  8. I loved the dog photo idea. Mine actually respond better when I use the phone as opposed to the camera. With the camera they know the flash is coming and always look away.

  9. The dog parking spaces are my favorite. Not sure I understand the wine thing. It looks like whoever that refrigerator belongs to mainly survives on a diet of wine!


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