Monday, May 29, 2017


This apparently didn't appear on some people's reading list on Wednesday, so I'm posting it again.

Why are all superheroes in movies & comic books human, or at least in human form?  I’m sure our animal friends would like to get in on the action.  Even insects should be given a fair chance at the superhero business.  Most of their capes & masks would be tiny, so look at how inexpensive their costumes would be.   I can visualize them now.  This is how I see them, with their names & superpowers, from small to large:

Courageous Caterpillar: He could climb up a bad guy’s neck & tickle him until he surrenders.

Surefoot Silkworm: He could not only climb up a bad guy’s neck, but he could wrap him in silk thread.

Mighty Moth:  He could flutter around someone’s face until they go crazy.

Spontaneous Slug: He could leave a trail of slime that the perpetrator  would slip on.

Keelhauling Kitty:  He could scratch until the guy gives up.

Daring Dog: He could either bite the bad guy or lick him to death.

Prudent Pelican: He could hold the bad guy in his pouch until the authorities came.

Obdurate Ostrich: He could bury the perp's head in the sand.

Contrary Cow: She could fill the entire area with cow patties, making escape difficult.

Cunning Camel: He'd only have to slobber or spit (which is actually vomit) on them once.

Rambunctious Rhino:  He has a short temper & a big horn.

Expeditious Elephant: If he sat on them that would be the end.

If you want to see some animals & fish that have 
weird & downright scary abilities, click here. 




  1. Super Martyr and Help Wanted were my favs! LOL! :)

    1. Glad to see you're still getting my posts!!

  2. I like Olive Oyl not being Wonder Woman.

  3. Where was everybody else today?

  4. For some reason you didn't show up on my reading list. Was just checking to see your comment. Laughed when I realized I never thought about superman and bugs.

    1. I'll have to rerun this next week; I'd hate for anyone to miss my brilliance!!

  5. Heh, "This is a job for....WonderBra!!"

  6. I liked the Help Wanted, but the real estate agent explained a lot on how Batman found his place ;)

    1. You hardly ever find a listing for that kind of bat cave!!

  7. Remember Underdog? Yeah, he was inept.
    Mighty Mouse? He had no super powers.
    I bet a pregnant woman would scare the masses with her hormonal rages alone. In other words, great post, Fishducky.
    Have a relaxing week.

  8. These were great! They didn't show up for me, either. When I clicked on the title, it told me the page was not available.

    My favorites are Iron Man's counterparts, and the reason superheroes are not on the internet! Closely followed by Really Pointy Stick Man.

    1. I don't understand; it showed up on my & my husband's computers!!


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