Friday, June 23, 2017


(I originally posted this in 2015, but I felt like bragging again so I reworked it a little.  The cartoons are new.)

I don't spend all my time at the computer, you know.  Oh, I do now, but it wasn't always the case. I used to actually create things, & I'm not talking about my three kids.  For instance, my husband had a client who owned Happy Hen Eggs.  The hen on the carton didn't look happy at all; in fact, she looked a little nauseated.  I offered to draw him a new one, which he agreed was much better.  
This is it:

Many years ago, a friend of ours owned a supermarket & he had about a 6' high 
stand of shelves for eggs.  I made a sign for the top.
This is a very rough drawing of what I remember I did:

Just a few (really!!) samples of my work.

I've personalized about a dozen or so mirrors
with refrigerator magnets, buttons, etc:
This is Nameless's--I made it when her girls were small:


In my entry hall:

(The bottom got cut off the picture.)
It says, "Love, laughter and friends are always welcome here."

A clay bust of an Asian man.
Sorry for all the light reflection.
He's only about 7" high.
I haven't sculpted anything in stone or marble--yet!!

Some charcoals:

Some pen & ink drawings:

(I love San Francisco Victorian houses.)


 My pastel version of a Turner oil:

And oils:

But what I love most is working in
stained glass!!

Some lamps
Nameless'--she loves geometric shapes:

Matt's (AKA Fishman)

Two views of the same lamp
in Bud's home office:

Above Nameless' front door
(I told you she likes geometricals!!)

For a friend:

This was at the landing of my cousin's stairs:

And these were on either side of her front door.
They are mirror image except for the placement of the hummingbirds:

One of a pair of Fishman's (my son Matt) mirror image windows in his basement.  
The dirt grass comes up to the bottom of the windows outside.

And my own personal favorite,
a 4' x 6' window in my entry hall.
I try not to take things too seriously--
can you find the worm?

Below are some of the last things I did.
I made nameplates for Elisa's oldest girls 
& then I decided I should have one, too!!

Here is the last thing I made.
Elisa of The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom 
married her wonderful husband Mike in September of 2015.
Elisa had liked a poem by Janie Junebug 
very much & Janie asked me if I could incorporate it into some artwork 
to give to the newlyweds as a wedding gift from the two of us.

I mounted the poem on Masonite & painted the lakeshore with a 
heart shaped stone (with a tiny bit of glitter on it)
partially covered by the water.

Here it is framed (with reflections from my window on the right):
This is Janie's poem:

The Stone
By Janie Junebug

a grey stone
found on the shore
of a great lake


cleansed by the waters
and made smooth
by fine grains of sand

the perfect grey stone



  1. Your bragging is COMPLETELY justified.

    1. Thank you for your very discerning comment!!

  2. So much talent! I am hugely impressed. AND, I found the worm.
    My talent is napping. I practise every day.

  3. Well if you didn't brag, we would never know. WOW!

  4. "It ain't bragging if it's true." Think it was Will Rogers who said that. You are not only funny but quite talented in so many mediums. Hat is off and curtseying.

  5. See? You're waaaay balanced. You're talented in LOTS of ways. The clay sculpture and the charcoal drawings are my favorite, but thanks to reading the descriptions of all the images around the mirrors, I am now singing, "Be kind to your web-footed friends..." (Thanks a LOT!) :)

    1. For those who are not familiar with that song, here it is in its entirety:

      "Be kind to your web-footed friends,
      For a duck may be somebody's mother.
      They live way down in the swamp,
      Where the weather is cold and damp.
      Now you may think that this is the end,
      Well, it IS!!"

  6. Such a diverse set of creative disciplines here. I particularly like the bird of paradise stained glass window. Wonderful.

    1. WOW, a compliment from an artist. Thanks!!

  7. Jeez Louise. I spelled gray wrong. I should be executed by the royal guards (except I'm their commander so I can tell them not to do it). I guess I can say I felt British on the day I wrote that poem.


  8. You are very talented, I've enjoyed your blog for a long time but your stained glass I much admire.

  9. I am impressed. THIS much! Let the record show that my arms are longer than a T-Rex. Seriously...you are good with so many different media. Or mediums. Or however artisty people talk. This is not bragging. This is sharing.

    On a good day, I can do a pencil sketch accurate enough to win a game of Pictionary, IF I have decent teammates. Now THAT's bragging.


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