Thursday, June 8, 2017


(Elephant's Child sent me this & I had to share it.  Thank you, E. C.!!)

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls creates the following sculptures using sheets of paper. Calvin has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Calvin has worked for 25 years to perfect his medium of choice, but he doesn't just draw on it. He shapes it to create intricate works of staggering detail 
and beauty.

 "Paper Zoo"

To make the art, he starts by observing real-life animals and their movements.

 He takes numerous sketches that he will later use as reference for his paper art.

 He then cuts up thousands of tiny pieces of paper and pastes them together to form each animal.

 The texture he is able to achieve with this technique is astounding.

 Given that he's only working with white paper, the details must be exactly right in order to create the appropriate depth and shadowing.

 It's incredibly delicate work.

Each small piece can take many weeks to complete.

While the bigger ones can take months, or even years.

His work has been featured in National Geographic, as well as numerous galleries and art shows all over the world.

 He uses X-ACTO knives, scalpels, and scissors in his constructions.

They say you can't fold a piece of paper more than seven times.
Is that true?

A cop pulled me over and said, "Papers."
I turned to him and said, "Scissors. I win!" and then drove away----fishducky



  1. I've seen most of that paper art before, but some of the works are new to me. I am totally floored by his skill.
    I'm stunned by that cartoon woman who saves 50cents by buying blank paper towel and drawing on her own designs. Not only is she wasting time, but how much is she spending on the pens to draw with? I suppose everyone has their quirks.

    1. I, myself, prefer plain white paper towels, but it's hard to erase the pictures!!

  2. Isn't his work equisite? How I would love to live with some of them. Rather a lot of them.

  3. That is impressive, this takes loads of both patience and talent, this man definitely has both.

  4. Amazing, but such a fragile medium, I wonder how they are preserved.

    1. My in-laws had a couple of pictures of this type; the frames were a box with glass on the outer sides. I think the paper would have to be sprayed with some kind of stiffener.

  5. Absolutely stunning paper sculptures!!! Wow! Can't get over them. Had to go through and look at them again. :)

  6. WOW--he had me at the bear. What amazing creations. Wish I could afford him.

    1. I wonder how much he sells them for?

    2. I just Googled him; the little ones are about $400.00 & the large ones are about $4,000.00.

  7. Those sculptures are incredible! I guess that guy didn't waste his time in school making spitwads! So primitive, compared to what he does with paper.

    Heh, heh to the Gutenberg paper jam, and the black belt in origami, and the poker game!

  8. That artist is incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

    Oh my, I LOVE the "before there was paper and scissors" one. That is the best. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Orthoducks, etc. The one with Moses on his GPS/phone reminds me of a greeting card I've saved. It's a cartoon of Moses shlepping the 10 Commandments down Mt. Sinai. He bemoans: "I can't wait for the e-book!"

    Hugs and cheer to you.

    1. I would steal, I mean reprint that cartoon if I could find it!!


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