Friday, October 20, 2017


(Intensively reworked from a 2012 post.)

I don't mean to sound bitter.  I know times are tough & there are many people who can't find work, no matter how hard they try.  They are forced to panhandle. THEY NEED YOUR GENEROSITY TO SURVIVE!!  Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, there are others who could work but have decided to take advantage of our generosity & our gullibility, instead.  It can be very difficult, if not impossible to tell the difference.  I am wary when I hand a couple of bucks to someone on the street.

There was one time when I had no problem seeing through a scam.  I was sitting on a freeway off ramp, waiting for the signal to change so I could turn onto the boulevard.  There was a guy with a sign that said something like, "Hungry--please help--God bless".  The problem, as I saw it, was that he handed the sign to another guy & left.  I assumed his shift was over.  I didn't donate to either of them.

Here are some other examples of questionable panhandling:

Jose & Carlos are panhandling at the freeway off ramp.
Jose drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage free house & has a lot of money to spend.
Carlos brings in only two to three dollars a day.
He asks Jose how he can bring home a suitcase full of ten dollar bills every day.
Jose says, "Look at your sign.  It says, 'I have no work, a wife & 6 kids to support'.  Nobody cares."
Carlos looks at Jose's sign.  It says, "I only need another $10.00 to move back to Mexico."

A man came out of a convenience store the other day & some seedy looking guy walks up to him & holds up a little sign: "DEAF & MUTE  Can you spare $10?" WOW!! $10!! What happened to a dollar or two?  So he reached into his pocket for his wallet, opened it, took out a folded piece of paper & handed it to him.  It said, "I can't read"--& he walked away.

Some others I would think twice before donating to:

This could have been one of the guys I saw:

These deserve something for their ingenuity:


And it's not just people:

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  1. I still give when I can. Not to everyone, but...
    And I hope that if/when I need it some will give to me too.

  2. There's a light at the end of the tunnel? how 'bout that?
    I don't give cash anymore, too many around here just buy smokes and beer with it. I have bought a hot drink on a cold day for the person selling "The Big Issue", also a cold drink on a hot day and offered to buy a snack too, but that was always refused.

  3. We occasionally give money but most times we have bought meals for people or given them snacks and drinks.

    I actually saw a man standing outside of a coffee shop with a sign, collecting from people as they came out of the door, after a while another man in a nice car drove up and this guy walks over and removed his stocking cap and ratty coat, threw them in the back seat and rode away laughing with this guy.

    1. I guess you don't need your uniform when your shift is over!!

  4. I don't hand money to anyone on the street. I have, however, offered to purchase some food or buy a meal and have always been accepted and heartily thanked.


  5. Had a young woman with a child in the car say she was desperate for gas money so she could go home to another state and leave her abusing husband. I told her I had no cash but I would fill her gas tank with my credit card if she followed me to the filling station. Reluctantly she did. Her car took $2.60 to fill--basically one gallon of gas. Guess I got off easy.
    Loved the begging dog. Well trained and well fed.

    1. I've heard of that scam; surprised she followed you!!

  6. My hubby and I have both been hit up by a lot a panhandlers, and sometimes we give them cash, but it is so hard to tell the scammers from those who are truly in need. There's one young fella who certainly appears to be able-bodied who hangs out in the middle of a busy intersection by the grocery store where I shop, and he just wanders through traffic, hoping drivers stopped at the light will fork over some money. His sign says something like "Please help. Unemployed veteran with family." The thing is, there's probably twenty places (at least!) within a very short walking distance from that intersection that would HIRE him.

  7. Ha! Love the Magritte panhandling cartoon.

  8. Sometimes I give, sometimes I don't. Doesn't depend on their need, but on their demeanor. For example, I didn't mind giving the 11:00 a.m. alcoholic a dollar, because I knew exactly what she wanted it for when she asked. I refused to give the guy asking for change anything for his "bus ticket" because he seemed like he was scamming me.

    1. We have to use common sense & our feelings when opting to give or not!!


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