Friday, November 17, 2017


(Reworked from a January, 2014 post.  I'm 83 years old.  Expect a lot of reworked posts!!)

Are you obsessive-compulsive?  Do you like to have things in a strict order? Below are some suggestions on how your world might be improved:

Alphabet soup:

Soup in alphabetical order:

Nature's trees:

Do-it-yourself trees:

A busy park:

An orderly park:

A fruit salad:

A fruit salad 
(Not touching other foods):

Average parking lot:

Parking lot, color coded:

I guess you'd really have to have OCD to use this
(yes--it's a real product):

When my sons were in Cub Scouts, they had a friend, Peter.  One day when he was home alone, his dad (who was colorblind) tried a new brand of crackers that his wife had recently purchased.  When he told his wife how much he liked them, she was a little surprised.  They were dog biscuits!!

Several years later, Matt's friend, Ben, deliberately drove his truck the wrong way over the spikes that are supposed to keep people from leaving someplace through the "enter only" lane.  He knew they wouldn't hurt his tires.  WRONG!!

In case you're wondering if other men think this way, let me offer you a statistic: the first testicular guard (cup) used in hockey was in 1874.  It took until 1974, 100 years later, that they  decided also using helmets would be a good idea.  'Nuff said!!

Three vampires walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them suspiciously, but decides to serve them anyway. "What’ll be, boys?"

The first vampire says "Blood. Give me blood."

The second vampire says "I, too, wish for blood!"

The third vampire says "Give me plasma."

The bartender smiles and says "Got it. Two bloods, and a blood-light."

This joke doesn't really belong anywhere--I just thought it was funny:

A Scottish old timer is in a bar, talking to a young man.  The old man says: "Lad, look out there to the field.  Do ya see that fence?  Look how well it's built.  I built that fence stone by stone with me own two hands.  I piled it for months.  But do they call me McGreggor-the-Fence-Builder?  Nooo.."   

Then the old man gestured at the bar.  "Look here at the bar.  Do ya see how smooth and just it is?  I planed that surface down by me own achin' back.  I carved that wood with me own hard labor, for eight days. But do they call me McGreggor-the-Bar-Builder? Nooo..."  

Then the old man points out the window.  "Hey, laddy, look out to sea.  Do ya see that pier that stretches out as far as the eye can see?  I built that pier with the sweat off me back.  I nailed it board by board.  But do they call me McGreggor-the-Pier-Builder?  Nooo..."   

Then the old man looks around nervously, trying to make sure no one else is paying attention. He leans closer to the young man and says "But ya f**k one goat.......” 

This has nothing to do with this post but
I am a very proud grandma.
My granddaughter, Lisa, spent a week with 
Jack Dorsey (co-founder and CEO of Twitter)
& wrote this (click here) & produced the video!!

You know what I hate? Indian givers...no, I take that back!!----fishducky



  1. Hey! that colour-coded parking lot has a yellow car out of place!

  2. Color coded parking lot and OCD stripper...love it!

  3. I'm not OCD but I can see a use for the color coded parking lot, especially for we seniors.

    1. Would it make it easier or harder to find your car?

  4. I would like a person with OCD to clean/organise our house too. And perhaps to visit us every so often...

  5. OMGosh! Loved her video!! Talented young woman and very important topic. Congratulations to your granddaughter, Lisa!
    Thanks for the link!! Funny how satisfying all those first pictures were for me--LOL! Great post! I have missed you. :)

    1. You won't have to miss me any more. As I said, I'll send you my posts (when I remember)!!

  6. Replies
    1. Do you suppose he eats the flies he catches in order?

  7. No OCD here. I'd love to be organized, but having the drive to make it happen ain't gonna happen. However, my spices ARE in alphabetical order. There are so many of them, it just makes more sense to do it that way.

    I LOVE that last one about the most difficult OCD decision. Too funny!

    You have every right in the world to be proud of your granddaughter. I would be, too!

    1. So are mine, but not too much else is organized here!!

  8. Congrats to Lisa! I'd send her a do-it-yourself tree, but I keep starting over.

  9. I had a psycho roommate. The positive thing about her was that she had OCB - I never had to clean.
    Have a great weekend and week, Fran.

    1. That would make her a great roommate (except for the psycho part)!!

  10. You lost me at the yellow car in with the blue ones.


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