Monday, December 18, 2017


This has nothing to do with today's post.
It was just the right day to run it.

While I'm at it, here's my card for this year:

My Connecticut family (son Matt, daughter-in-law Linda & two adult grandchildren, Lisa & Brian) couldn't arrange their schedules so they could be here for Christmas, so they came out here Tuesday of last week & went back home yesterday.    We all had a great time while they were here!!  This is how our week went:

Lisa flew to San Diego a couple of days early so she could visit with her cousin, Nameless 3.  They are very close.  She came up when her folk's plane came in.  The rest of them landed about 10:30 am on Tuesday, dropped off their things at their rented apartment (we don't have enough room for them all to stay here, although we've done that in the past) & had lunch at our house, along with my other son, Blake.  Then we all went to dinner at my nephew Michael's house.  You may remember Mike & his wife Evie (& my son Blake) from their rides to fight diabetes.
Allow me to identify them for you:
Mikerel--My nephew Mike
Hopalong--My niece Teri, survivor of many surgeries
(Teri, Mike's sister lives in San Francisco & was unable to join us.)
Flounder--My son Blake
Brifische--My grandson Brian
E-Fish out of water--Mike's wife Evie
Lisafisch--My granddaughter Lisa 

We were joined at dinner by Blake's girlfriend Sandy, my new bff.  During dinner I said to Bud, "I think it's wonderful that everyone in our family not only loves, but actually likes each other!!  You know that doesn't always happen."  He agreed.

The next day, Wednesday, we had an early dinner & everyone (except Bud, who chose not to go) went to see the Enchanted Forest at the Descanso Gardens in La Canada.  It was cold out, but well worth it.  Click here for Yelp's photos of their exhibit.  Here are some shots we took:
Brian, pushing some old lady (me) in a wheelchair.
It was too far for me to walk.
He's wearing my lap robe on his shoulders to keep warm.

Mike's daughter Jackie, Linda & Matt

Sandy & Blake

Linda wearing a hat she bought in the gift shop.
Her daughter Lisa said she probably bought it just to annoy her.

One of my favorite things there.
The colors & the music changed when you stepped on the next light.
It reminded me of F. A. O. Schwartz's piano in the movie "Big".

Another favorite.
There must have been at least 1,000 "flowers" whose colors changed in waves.

It truly felt that the forest was enchanted!!

Thursday Bud's sister Natalie took us all to brunch.  In the afternoon the boys got manicures & pedicures. 

On Friday we went to the movies.  The boys & Lisa went to see some film that appealed to neither me or Linda so we saw "Wonder", which I heartily recommend.  In the evening we went to  a yummy dinner at a restaurant with Nameless & her husband, Signore Anomino.

I'm writing this on Saturday because I expect to be sad (& tired) tomorrow when they fly home.  Tonight Nameless & Signore Anomino are bringing dinner from a restaurant to our house because L.A. evening traffic is so bad.  We'll also open our presents tonight.

Some Christmas cartoons while I'm in the Christmas spirit:

P. S. It's now Sunday morning.  The kids are in the air.  It's just me & Bud again.  Here are some of the gifts they got me.  They were all just ducky!!

A 7" acrylic duck that automatically changes color.
It's on my desk near my computer:

The next two didn't make it out yet, 
so they gave me gift wrapped pictures of them.  
This cartoon fits here:

A kitchen timer:

And a new wall clock for my studio:

Had a wonderful time.  Wish they were (still) here----fishducky




  1. You, and your family are very, very lucky.
    And I love your gifts.
    Happy Holidays. All of them.

    1. And Happy Holidays to you, ALL of them!!

  2. I love how your holiday is Hanukkah and you celebrate it along with the Christmas Season. I feel like Christmas is more than just a Christian holiday, it is a season that everyone who believes and desires peace and love can celebrate, it is a feeling and a time to appreciate family and all we have been given.

    Happy Hanukkah to my favorite fishducky!

    1. I never had a Christmas tree growing up. We lived in a very Jewish neighborhood & my my mother worried about what the neighbors would say. Bud's family always had a tree. We've had one ever since we were married, until the last year or so since I've been too decrepit to decorate one. I still decorate the house. My mom LOVED putting her gifts under our trees. Happy Holidays (all of them) to you!!

  3. Wow, what a fun holidays you had with everyone. When is never important, how is. Loved the handsome pusher you had and smart to let the wheels do the walking when it is a long distance. Cute picture of you. Clever gifts and I especially liked the acrylic duck. They certainly have your number.

    1. You're right with when & how, & they've ALWAYS had my number!!

  4. OMG!!! This was just plain marvelous to read!! You will probably need a couple days to recover but let the love pour over you for the rest of the year and far beyond!! :)

  5. What an awesome family! And time together!

    We had family here too. One was an 11 mo. old baby boy. Fast, man, he was fast.

    1. It was great; hope you had as much fun as we did!!

  6. Ha! Love the snowman's vibrator nose.

  7. Those pictures from the Enchanted Forest are great. What's not to like about Linda's hat? Your family is good with the gifts, too. I'm sure they would never give you a $3.00 pink change purse and a box of Sno-Caps.

    I love the acrylic duck. And that cartoon of Santa hesitating at Scrabble.

  8. What a fabulous family you have, I can feel the happiness you all had together. That kitchen timer is just ducky :)


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