Friday, January 20, 2017


This is a watchbird watching you.

And so is this.

Most of you are too young to have seen Watchbirds. These Watchbirds cartoons by Munro Leaf started out as a recurring column in Ladies Home Journal in 1938, but remained a fixture in the cultural mindset even after Leaf’s death in 1976. There is a Watchbirds calendar from 1978 and the most recent Watchbirds book, Four and Twenty Watchbirds, was published in 1990. I discovered them in Highlights for Children magazine in the 1950's when I took my children to the pediatrician.  They were an attempt to teach children manners & proper behavior in a way that kids would enjoy.  Here are some sample pages:

I think this one was on a bus:

What better place to go people watching than Walmart?

I don't know if these people of Walmart are candid, posed or photoshopped;
but I don't really care: