Thursday, May 11, 2017


I know it's true because I read it in the paper!!

Once upon a time there was a biker chick with long beautiful bleached blond curls.  She slept with  was the wife of  she belonged to rode with Buford “Grizzly” Bear & she was known to all as Goldilocks.  Goldilocks was a little more than pleasingly plump at about 700 pounds, but bears like that.  She rode a heavy-duty Harley.

One day she & Grizzly were riding & he asked her if she’d like to meet his parents, Beverly & Barney.  She sweetly replied, “Why the hell not?”  They drove to the woods & discovered his folks weren’t home.  Grizzly suggested they go inside the house & wait for them.  Beverly & Barney had left two bowls of porridge on the table to cool.  Grizzly poured himself a bowl & asked Goldilocks if she wanted one.  She said, “Nah, I’ll just have a bite of yours” & then proceeded to finish all the porridge.

They decided to sit in the living room & wait for his folks to come home.  Not one of the chairs in there could hold Goldilocks' weight & she broke them all, one by one.  How can I put this nicely, in case children are reading this?  Her fat ass was just too much for the chairs!!

All this food & chair breaking made Goldilocks a little sleepy so she & Grizzly went into the bedroom for a nap & some hanky-panky.  While hanky-pankying, they managed to break everybody’s beds!!  Exhausted, Goldilocks fell asleep.

At this point, Mr. & Mrs. Bear returned home.  They entered the kitchen door & saw that someone had eaten all their porridge.  They decided to go into the living room & found their chairs were all broken.  They then went into the bedroom & not only found all their beds broken, but their son & some fat bleached blond floozy were asleep on the wreckage of one of their beds.  The girl was snoring like a truck driver.  They immediately woke their son & asked him what was going on.

He told them it was all Goldilocks' fault & refused to take any responsibility for the debris that was now their home.  Having had years of this kind of behavior from their own son they had now had enough & called Animal Control.  Both Buford & Goldilocks were arrested, tried & convicted of criminal trespass, destroying their home & stealing their porridge.  Buford was written out of their will.

They are currently serving their sentences in a federal penitentiary.