Friday, June 9, 2017


Have patience, Your Honor, some of these are actually funny!!

...and I haven't done a post on puns since last October (to see that one, click here) so you should be ready!!

Most of these first ones are from BuzzFeed:

Why is it incest instead of pumpkin?

Why is it thinking while you're brushing your teeth & not letting it sink in?

Why isn't a fleet of helicopters just called hellacopters?

Why is it an allergy attack instead of a sneezure?

Why do we call it hiring a hit man instead of ordering takeout?

Why are they called territorial disputes instead of ground beef?

Why are they called jet skis instead of boatercycles?

Why is it called car repair instead of autocorrect?

Why is it called a veterinarian instead of a dogtor?

Why is it called friends with benefits instead of homiesexual?

Why is it called a sonogram instead of a womb with a view?

Why is it a Breathalyzer & not a Litness test?

Why is it insomnia & not resisting a rest?

Why is it called your foot falling asleep instead of coma toes?

Why does a plumber call it fixing your sink & not being at your disposal?

And some pictorial puns from somewhere else:

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Aren't volcanoes really earth’s zits?----fishducky