Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I've written some old posts on weird dresses celebrities wore to awards shows.  To see them, click here & here.   But you can dress like an idiot fashionably every day.

Condom Dress: Created by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, they are made of thousands of quality-control-rejected condoms. These colorful clothes were shown at the "Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture," an exhibition at UCLA’s Fowler Museum. 

Hamburger Dress
Created by artist 
Joy Kampia, who specializes in crocheted sculpture and wearable art. 


Of course, you'll need a good support bra with those:

Modeled after a miniature fishbowl, this bra has gel material designed to take excess heat out of the body. Created so women can feel refreshed during summer. 

Made almost entirely of glass, with soda glass for the cups and braided glass beads for the 
straps, side panel and the centerpiece

The gloves are functional and can detach from the bra.

Features a solar panel which can display messages, also equipped with pads designed to hold beverages to reduce usage of cans and plastic bottles. 

Konkatsu literally means “marriage hunting.” Features a marriage countdown clock showing the marriage deadline set by the wearer. When an engagement ring is inserted between the cups the melody of “The Wedding March” is played. 

You'll need some sensible shoes:


And a handbag:


No outfit is complete without a touch of jewelry:

Something for the gentleman?

I apologize for this one, but I couldn't help myself!!