Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The first time we were in Paris our friend accompanied us on a train to Versailles (about an hour & a half train ride) & dropped us off there.  He had already toured the palace there & had no desire to go through again.  A tour takes all day.  He said we could easily get back to his apartment by just retracing our steps.  I felt fairly comfortable in a French speaking country; after all, I had taken French in high school (20 years earlier)!!  We must have come out a different entrance than we went in because nothing looked familiar.  I stopped someone & asked, "Où est la gare du train?"  (Where is the train station?)  Imagine my surprise when they responded, "Quelle gare du train?" (Which train station?)  I said "Le train à Paris" (The train to Paris) & they pointed out the direction.  There were no cabs around so we ran to the station.  We found it & got on the train to Paris, or so we thought.  Just to confirm, I asked a passenger, "Est-ce le train pour Paris?" (Is this the train to Paris?) & was told "Non!!"  They told me where to catch the right train.  Just before the train started rolling I grabbed Bud's hand & we ran to the right train.  We got on just as they were pulling out.  Our friend had pointed out the Little Statue of Liberty on the way to Versailles & I was very relieved to see it again.

We were flying to San Diego to visit some dear friends & take our kids (ages 5-8) to the world famous zoo.  Our friend was meeting our plane.  The flight was uneventful & we were coming in for a landing.  We were almost on the ground & then up we went again.  The pilot got on the horn & informed us that there was a truck on the runway & that he pulled the plane up to avoid him. We circled back & made a smooth landing.  When our friend met us he said, "Wow!!  That was really scary."  I said "Not really" & told him what the pilot said.  His response was "He lied.  Your landing gear wasn't down!!"

Way back in the Stone Age 1969, I bought a new Mustang, made to my specifications. The cigarette lighter & a couple of other things didn't work so I brought it back to the dealer for service. They called me to tell me it was ready & I went back to pick it up. I went to their back lot, where they told me it was--& it WASN'T! Someone had stolen it off the lot. They used to park cars that had been serviced with the keys in them. Only one car had been stolen before mine & it belonged to the son of the man who owned the dealership. The police located my car parked on a side street a few miles away. They had changed the tires to a set of old ones & had removed the seats & the engine. You could open the hood & see the driveshaft!! It was as if they had eaten an orange & left me the peel. They gave me another Mustang as a loaner while they built me another new car.

One thing I had always wanted to do was to ride in the Goodyear blimp.  Somehow my son Matt got a pass for one person.  He knew I would kill him if he used it instead of giving it to me Because he loves me so much, he offered it to me.  I accepted.  I got to fly in the co-pilot's seat, although I didn't get to work the controls.  I remember that it had huge foot pedals, which were the rudders for turning right or left.  I don't remember much else, except that I loved it!! Matt would have liked it, too.

I can't do a post about airplanes without putting this one in: