Monday, August 28, 2017


This painting has nothing to do with today's post.
It was hanging in the entryway of one of my favorite restaurants,
Il Moro Ristorante in West Los Angeles.
I fell in love with it & I wanted to share it.

Don't miss this opportunity!!

Here are some others:

This one's for Janie:

Hurry!!  Supplies are limited!!

 You thouldn't make fun of thith guy:

 A good selling point

 My inlaws lived on Ohio Ave, 
but I don't think this was my father-in-law:

And cleaner, too:

I'd believe them!!:

Stop the car, Becky;

 It's worth a look:

We should go check:

I don't think she's selling him;
she probably wants to give him away: 

Help a poor needy grandma:

This sign is so last year:

You have been warned:

Sounds like a fair trade:

Exercise machines are a great place to throw your dirty clothes on:

Why don't I feel welcome?
(All signs above courtesy Pinterest.)

Be careful...:
Be very careful!!:

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