Tuesday, September 5, 2017


At the end of June I had a dermatologist remove a small skin cancer from my face. 
It looked like this before he removed it.
As you can see, my face isn't as wrinkled as in the later pictures.
The purple is from Harold and the Magic Crayon:

Then I was left with the Grand Canyon a large hole on my face
but it was covered with a bandage:

A week or so later he gave me the bride of Frankenstein look 
he put stitches in:

But it looked a little better bandaged, 
which he said would keep it clean:
(My face isn't quite that wrinkled;
The bandage pulled the skin.) 

After two weeks of that,
the stitches were removed on July 18th.
I still had some healing to go:

This is how it looked on August 26th.
The red spot is where I picked at it.
Overall, I think it looks a lot better & I'm sure it will continue to heal:

It could have been worse; fortunately he wasn't my doctor:
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And  this wasn't my problem:
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Or this:
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Or even this:
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And even though I had to lie awake in an uncomfortable position
for three hours, it was better than this:
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In case you found this post depressing, here's an extra dose of cartoons from spectickles.com:

I asked the doctor if this procedure would leave a scar.  His answer?  "Probably not.  We line it up with the wrinkles."  I think he was serious.  My regular dermatologist said it would definitely leave a scar.  I just hope it doesn't ruin my chances in the Miss America Pageant----fishducky