Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I think I found him:

He (the naked clown) is in the lower right hand corner.

While you were busy searching for Waldo, there were some disturbing things taking place.

1. This kid exposing a topless woman in a changing room.

2. This kid being choked out by a plant while a botanist just stands there smiling at his suffocation.

3. This child who is about to be crushed by this man's falling weights.

4. This kid spilling ice cream on a topless woman's back, causing her to pop up while a man ogles her. (A bikini top has been added to the woman in updated versions.)

5. This oncoming train is about to obliterate a sleeping railroad worker and a family who is trying to fix their car on the tracks.

6. This display in a museum showing a man flexing so hard that his bicep explodes into goop.

7. This reverse zoo that has the humans fenced in while the animals stare at them.

8. These meddling kids exposing this man who was just trying to change clothes in his tent.

9. This malfunctioning ride is sending this person flying to their death, and it's headed directly towards a boy who is floating in the sky.

10. This man and alien are completely wasted on the floor of a bar in outer space.

11. And this cowboy is drunk with a bottle of booze in hand, slumped against the wall.

12. Waldo was on a mountain among a bunch of topless mermaids, until they changed it and put him in the boat down below.

13. These ladies are angry that their men are flirting with the mermaids.

14. This reverse mermaid swimming along with a fish top and human bottom.

15. This dude is showing this woman underwear, perhaps trying to convince her to buy some, and she's clearly dissatisfied with him.

16. This possible gold digger situation.

17. All of these women are thirsting over this boat full of swole dudes, and some are even waving and sprinting towards 'em.

18. These poor guys being tortured in a museum, some of whom have long, white beards, as if they've been there for quite some time.

19. This cheetah about to make love to a gladiator dressed in cheetah skin.

20. This porta potty for lions.

21. And finally, the human sacrifice that's about to go down atop this pyramid.
All pictures courtesy Little Brown & co.