Monday, October 30, 2017


I don’t know if it’s just here in the L.A. area or not, but I’ve noticed that the 
female weather reporters on the local stations are getting sexier.  
They are certainly dressing sexier.  
My husband & I now refer to them as the “Weather Sluts”. 

Here are some others (including some non-sexy men) 
from worldlifestyle.com for your perusal: 

Promising Weather Report

Don’t be too quick to judge – this weather woman definitely knows how to keep her audience glued to their screens. Unfortunately, many commuters were complaining later that evening that this route home wasn’t the fastest one.

Keep Your Cool

A professional newscaster would never let background noise or painful accidents affect the broadcast – after all, the only thing that’s important is delivering news to the public. I feel bad for the guy in the back, though.

Camel Toeing In The North

I'm guessing that since the forecast didn’t look promising that morning, the weather woman decided to distract the viewers with something else. Who’s paying attention to the screen in the background after this?


Looks like this weather man’s dogsitter was on vacation, or it was “bring your dog to the office” day. Either way, I can’t deny that this little mishap made the news a little nicer to watch.

Am I In The Shot?

Ah, what would we regular people not do to appear on live television! The only problem is that while we sneak up on news reporters and think its innocent fun and games, the consequences could be… tragic. I hope this lady recovered fast!!

Well, That’s A Little Awkward

You know that feeling when you’re live on television and suddenly your dress almost goes over your head? Yeah, I don’t either, but apparently everything is possible when the whole world is watching. A tad awkward, but a little humorous.

Are We Live?

Corporate life is never easy, especially when they don’t tell you in advance that there is going to be a live broadcast happening right in the middle of the office that afternoon! Thanks, Melanie, now I’m on live television.

It’s Hailing!!
Whether the meteorologist is very excited or upset is hard to tell, but the audience that day must have been exceptionally happy. Who cares that it’s only 11 degrees in the south-east when you’re about to get the ratings of your life?

Where Were You Friday Night, Theodore?

How awkward is it to be reporting disturbing news like this and realize you might be a suspect in a crime? I hope I’ll never have to find out, but Theodore here knows firsthand. Let’s hope it was a prank.

But was this a prank?

We can't tell if she stood there accidentally or if 
the film crew asked her to move over a step or two.

Free Friday Hugs

I’d have absolutely no questions if this news broadcast was live from New York; it seems like the kind of place where people would walk around giving out free hugs. Or maybe this lady just really wanted to be on live TV.

News Slip-Up

This blouse revealed a little more than the audience bargained for, but hey, you can’t really complain. The news anchor has some important news to deliver, please don’t get too distracted!!

Button Popped

I'm not sure what kind of news this lady is reporting, but… they might not be that serious at all. Let’s cut her some slack; maybe this was her first day and no one told her about the office dress code.

You Had One Job!!
Looks like a winter storm doesn’t affect everyone the same way. The good news is I will never question this man’s reflexes again, and he is officially my favorite weather report guy.