Tuesday, January 30, 2018


sorry this is late.  i forgot to hit publish.

(reworked from a November, 2015 post.)

On my way to Decrepitville,  I've had to pass through some unpleasant places like Boy, It's Hot In Here Town & the overly populated Where Are My Glasses City.  I finished with the change of life long ago (although I'm not sure I like what I've changed into) & had cataract surgery so I can now read the eye chart at the DMV.  I guess because my ears are as old as the rest of me, I now find myself in a land where everybodytalkslikethis!  I don't have trouble with hearing it but I have a problem separating the words.  I'm able to get enough of the words to determine it's some form of English.  Something like this:

I feel like Jeremy's mom:

I'd rather be here than in Decrepitville:

How your kids see you:

And some more cartoons about geezers those of us of a certain age:


On a different subject (Hey--I am fishducky!!  You expected it, right?):

I'm tired of the old boring outgoing message on our answering machine.  I've got my new choices narrowed down to two.  Which one do you prefer?

"Hello, I'm fishducky's answering machine.  What are you?"


"Hello, you've reached fishducky.  I have ESP.  I know who you are & what you want, so at the sound of the beep, please hang up."

On an even different(er) subject, my cousin Arlene is my hero.  She was out to dinner with her husband & another couple.  When the waiter brought the dessert tray to their table, she & her friend just looked at each other & Arlene asked, "Shall we?"  Her friend said, "Yes!"  They had one of everything on the tray!  Sort of like this, only they shared:

There are so many subjects out there, how can I be expected to stay on just one?----fishducky



  1. Broom Hilda has the right idea!
    Adult diapers in a thong style? Sexy? NO! Looks suspiciously like the sanitary napkins we all hated so much.
    I used to like the answering machine message that said " the answering machine is on strike, this is the fridge, if you speak slowly I'll write down the message and stick it to myself with a little magnet."
    I like your first choice, "what are you?" that should get some laughs.
    My brother's machine says, "this is R--- you know the drill, just wait for the beep"

    1. i like your fridge message, but mine is stainless steel--magnets won't stick.

  2. I often have to travel through Wisperville, when those residents visit they arrive at Speakup Town.

  3. I think I am hearing fine till the words of a movie suddenly sound like another language and I keep looking for the closed captions that aren't there.

  4. I noticed that the last couple of years at the teacher lunch table, I had trouble eavesdropping on conversations. All the noise from the kids' voices around us garbled my reception. Didn't used to be like that! It seriously cut down on gossip I could gather for my best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel, who had already retired.


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