Wednesday, January 3, 2018


My new BFF (Sandy, Blake's girlfriend) had the lyrics to this song on her FB page.
I loved them, so I found the song.
I hope she was thinking of Blake when she posted it.
Here it is:

And here are the lyrics:

 I like your toothy smile,
It never fails to beguile.
Whichever way the wind is blowing
I like the way this is going.

I like the color of your hair,
I think we make a handsome pair.
I can only see my love growing
I like the way this is going

I like to watch TV with you,
There's really nothing that I would rather do.
Then maybe we can go to bed,
Get up and do it all again.

I like the way your pants fit,
And how you stand and how you sit,
Whatever seeds that you're sowing,
I like the way this is going.

I don't care about the past,
None of it was made to last,
It's not who you've known,
But who you're knowing,

I like the way this is going.
 I like the way this is going.

(They've only known one another for a few months, 
but she already feels like part of the family. 
Blake hasn't popped the question, but I've asked her to marry us.
She just smiled.
I hope I don't/didn't screw things up.
I love her!!)

Some kissy face cartoons for you:

Kissing sounds in other languages:



  1. What a lovely song.
    If Sandy has any sense she will hang onto Blake so that she can be a part of your family. And if Blake has any sense he will hang onto a woman with the good sense to want to be a part of your family. Sounds like a win/win to me.

  2. Back off Fran, let it happen...or would that be breaking a Jewish Mother rule?

    1. I AM backing off; I really hesitated posting this!!

  3. We have a new BF in the family. Hes been around a couple months. He has met us and still hanging on so thats a plus. I hope I dont ruin too.

    1. Keep your fingers crossed & your mouth shut!!

  4. That song was written by someone who really loved their mate. Good luck with roping Sandy into the family. If it doesn't work out with Blake, there is always adoption.

    1. I doubt her parents would agree to adoption!!

  5. What a sweet, sweet song. If she posted this after you proposed I think you're okay...and they're okay. ;) ;)

  6. If Blake and Sandy get hitched, you'll have to call her daughter-in-love instead of daughter-in-law. :)

    Happy New Year!

    1. That's true; but I already have one daughter-in-love (& a son-in-love)!!

  7. Ha! Love the cats playing spin the bottle with a dog.

  8. Sweet song :)
    My grandson has a new girlfriend and they're pretty tight from what I hear. I haven't met her yet


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