Thursday, January 4, 2018


There used to be a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles called "Rand's Round Up", 
which we went to often.  They had a jukebox which played songs for 10 cents each or 2 for a quarter.  I used to wonder who would pay a quarter to get such a bargain.  I finally realized that was why it was in the bar!!

Can you explain the rest of these to me, please?
How are these possible?

Too late!!  You've read it.

I give up.  What do I pull?

Why is there a bra on this tree?

Who stole (half of) his car?

I guess you could be running low on bear.

I'll take all the last chairs you've still got!!

Go west, young man...

Can this hospital be that powerful?

Is Prada also an architect?

Aren't any meetings ever interesting?

This is either the ugliest girl or the most attractive ostrich I've ever seen.

Would you buy this...

If you knew she came from this picture?

Do the children take the speed bumps home with them?

I guess he already knows how you want your hair cut.

Why would anyone want to entertain fish?

Do you think this shark stepped on some Legos?

OK, this one I understand.

I get this one, too.

If this post were a contest, this would be the winner!!


  1. Now I am going to be thinking about the corn which should be popcorn all night...

  2. Right, why isn't it popcorn?
    I like the side effects warning, so simple. Now what do you mean "why would anyone want to entertain fish?" Clearly the sign means the fish are the entertainers.

    1. I obviously didn't see the little microphone & top hat!!

  3. Yes, I thought the fish would be entertaining--else why buy them--unless you are dying for an audience? LOL! Love the side effects summary. So many good ones today. Thanks, Fran. :)

  4. The ostrich took me a minute--weird look. LOL at the shark.

  5. Good stuff! I like the restricted sign, and my immediate thought was exactly your caption.

  6. No But(t)s about it, that's a lot of Last Chairs!


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