Thursday, March 1, 2018


Once upon a time (for this is a fairy tale) Mr. & Mrs. Bennett had a bouncing baby boy.  They named him Bobby.  They bought a puppy for him to play with.  They named him Spot.  (The Bennett's had very little imagination.)  One of their friends bought Bobby a little stuffed dragon, which they called Donny.  Bobby loved Donny & kept him by his side whether he was sleeping, eating or even bathing.  (The only time they were apart was when Donny had to go in the dryer after a bath.)  He was a very good companion.  This pleased Donny & he thought, "I'm a very good companion & that is what a darn good little stuffed dragon should be."

A few years passed & Bobby went to school.  Whenever he was faced by a bully he would wave his dragon at them & threaten to make it breathe fire and/or eat them up.  He was a very good protector.  This pleased Donny & he thought, "I'm a very good protector & that is what a darn good little stuffed dragon should be."

On Bobby's 16th birthday, his parents gave him a party.  He was about to blow out the candles on his cake when his mother said, "Make a wish before you blow out the candles.  If you wish real hard, it will come true."  So Bobby thought & thought.  He said to himself, "I wish Donny could be a real, full sized fire breathing dragon" & he blew out the candles.  Before you could say "Bad wish, Bobby!!" Donny was huge.  He blew fire on everybody at the party & ate them all up.  Even Bobby's dog Spot.  And Bobby.  This pleased Donny & he thought, "I'm a very good eater & that is what a darn good full sized fire breathing dragon should be." 


Are sea birds who sing without accompaniment a capelicans?----fishducky



  1. Well... that was an unexpected twist at the end. I wish Spot had a bigger role in that story.

  2. So happy to see a post!! I hope you are lots better? I think I am finally improving (knock on wood) after almost two months. Spring is coming...eventually. ;)

    1. It took me almost two months, too--feel better (& stay better)!!

  3. And he had the cake for desert.

  4. I owe a lot to Lady Sarcasm of Bedfordshire...

  5. Glad to see you back Fran, we have missed you!

    3 Musketeer wrappers ha ha, now that was funny.

  6. Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons... that's a new bookmark right there.

  7. Dear Fishducky, so good to have you back and to read one of your special "tales." What can we expect from a dragon. Donny problem had met "Puff"! Peace.


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