Tuesday, March 13, 2018


(Reworked from a 2014 post.)

As adults, dogs are interested in everything, 
even when they just wake up:

Cats, not so much:

Dogs can use the facilities anywhere:
And will clean up after themselves in case of an accident:

Cats may have a small problem with toilets::

A dog will borrow the car:

Or he can catch a ride with a friend:

A cat is always satisfied with his skateboard:

Below is a map of a dog's brain:
The cat's brain is slightly more complex:

Dogs can amuse themselves without a human around:

But so can cats:

Cats always enjoy a good game with a friend:

Dogs are deathly afraid of vacuums:

While a cat is willing to stay & fight:

A dog can sometimes be a picky eater:

While you can count on a cat being finicky:

They can both be helpful to humans.
In a pinch, a cat can be used as a hat:

While a dog can be of help if you don't have time to shower:

They don't seem to handle guilt the same way, either:

Dogs love to go on car rides
 & let their hair (& jowls & ears) blow in the wind:

Cats feel differently about riding in cars.
Some enjoy the opportunity to interact with strangers:

While some are afraid:

They don't like to be petted the same way, either:

Dogs do have their worries & problems:

But so do cats:

I have to go find my umbrella; the weatherman said it's going to be raining cats & dogs----fishducky



  1. "It's raining cats and dogs! "
    "Be sure not to step in any poodles on your way"

    That 'hell yes' scratch area on the cat picture is a lie, I've never yet had a cat who liked being scratched there.

    1. You've had finicky cats, but is there another kind?

  2. Most of our cats have been terrified of the suck monster (aka vacuum) too. A couple have done their best to kill it.
    And the bit about unable to eat favourite food when it has been stocked up on? Sadly true.

  3. I am more of a cat person. They are so mysterious.

  4. Especially loved the sad dog and sad cat videos! I've had both cats and dogs, but the older I got the more I preferred cats. They are much less demanding roommates--LOL! ;)

    1. Tis more valuable to me because their love and trust is earned and given by choice. ;)

  5. That poor bad doggie! He's so sorry. I'm sure he'll never do it again...IF he ever realizes what it was.

  6. I'm not too sure about that cat but I did find myself cheering for those ducklings!

    ** RoyalRuby**


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