Friday, July 27, 2018


This is me hurrying to bring them to you.

(Reworked from a 9/2013 post.)

Although I usually look like this.

You may think I'm crazy, 

but I don't care!!

Your eyes may get a little tired
but bear with me.

Moving images can make you happy.

They can also be helpful.
What if you wanted a 2nd medical opinion?

Or can't understand why your taxes are so high?

They can teach you about personal hygiene

Or the importance of following
orders from a superior

Need some examples to follow
in your exercise program?

Looking for the best place to get a manicure?

Need a job?  
There'll probably be an opening here soon.

Interested in organizing your finances?

Perhaps you need a hint on computer repair

How about some redecorating suggestions?

Remember, it's important to 
reciprocate a good deed

Most importantly, there are amazing new discoveries 
to be made every day!!

I called my husband on the intercom yesterday & told him I was lonesome.  I offered him $1.00 to talk to me for 5 minutes.  He said that wasn't enough.  If I were nasty (which, of course, I'm not) I'd give this next image to him:

Guess what?  
July 2nd was NATIONAL I FORGOT DAY & I forgot to tell you!!

Am I crazy because I hear voices or are you, because you don’t?----fishducky



  1. Love the mutual back scratch and am pretty certain my parcels often go through a very similar careful packing process.

    1. That's only for the ones marked "Fragile"!!

  2. No voices, but the phone rings in my ear all the time.

  3. Loved the dog sitting on the kid's head and the pug trying to keep his feet dry.

  4. Silly fun! I had to shake myself out of a trance when staring at that dizzying swirly wall.

    Keep smiling, Fishducky.

  5. This was just the kind of silliness I needed to brighten up the day. (On the inside... it's plenty bright... and HOT... on the outside!)

    Have a super weekend.

  6. The dog walking on its front paws to piddle — that is exactly what my grand-dog Pepe the Chihuahua does.

    Great funnies, and i remembered I Forgot Day and mentioned it on my blog!

  7. That little dog getting his manicure is too cute!

    I know you're not a Seinfeld fan, but I swear that's a cartoon Kramer feeding cartoon sausages to a cartoon Newman.

  8. I will always love the one where the kid tells the dog to stay so he can splash through the puddle a few times.

  9. humor never hurts anyone
    Coffee is on

  10. Thanks for the laughter. That peeing pug was the best!!

    1. He has to do that, he can't wash his paws!!


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