Wednesday, October 3, 2018


“Take a frown & turn it upside down”--isn’t that so cute you could just “fwow up”?  But you can make a bad situation better!! 

Thirty plus years ago I was called for jury duty.  While there I slipped on the marble floor & sprained my left thumb. It was in a splint & I couldn’t put on a necklace or button my right cuff.  Bud would leave for work before I got up, so I had to ask another prospective juror to help me.  I would hold out my right arm & say, “Please dress me, Mommy.”  She did, & we clicked.  We became best friends--& still are.

You can even learn to be a nicer person.  This is one of my favorite jokes:

Sadie & Molly, two old friends who haven’t seen each other in years, meet on the                          street.  Their conversation goes like this:  
SADIE: Molly, it’s so good to see you again!  How are you & your family?
MOLLY: I’m just fine, thank you.  My husband retired & his company gave him a million dollar bonus.  We’ve been travelling around the world!!
S: Fantastic!!  And what about your son?
M: He became a doctor.  He’s now Chief of Staff at Johns Hopkins.
S: Fantastic!!  And your daughter, how’s she doing?
M: She married a lovely man.  He’s rich, so they live in a mansion & she has a live-in staff to take care of her every whim.
S: Fantastic!!
M: But enough about me—what have you been doing?
S: I went to charm school.
M: You went to charm school?  What did they teach you?
S: You know how I used to say “bullshit” all the time?  They taught me to say “fantastic” instead!!

While in Acapulco I went parasailing.  I took off from (& was supposed to land on) a raft.  I missed the raft & landed in the water.  I could swim pretty well by then & I could float.  I was wearing a life vest & the water, which I had softly “floated” into without a splash, was the same warm temperature as the air.  This must be what it feels like in the womb.  The guys on the raft were yelling, “Don’t panic—we’ll be right there!!” & I was peacefully calling back, “I’m fine.  Take your time!!”

I’ll leave you with this video to enjoy.  It has lots of good advice!!

There's no way to worry when you're playing with dolphins.This is my son Blake & his ex-wife:




  1. LOVE the Sadie and Mollie joke. However I will worry (while I remember) next time some one says fantastic to me.

  2. I worry a lot, but it doesn't seem to bother me much. Sounds a little weird, I know. After seeing Blake's video, I'm sorry I never got to swim with dolphins. Something I would have loved to do.

    1. On one of our first trips to Hawaii, Bud & I went swimming with dolphins. The Kahala Hilton Hotel had a large lagoon which was used as a “storehouse” for the local Sea World. It was fun--more so for Bud than me. Dolphins are much too fast to catch. To interact with them, you had to float quietly until they came up to you. I couldn’t just float; he could. He was able to grab a dorsal fin & the dolphin took him for a ride! I was so jealous that when we got home I took swimming lessons at the YMCA so I could have as much fun as him the next time.

  3. "Fantastic" or as Val would say, The ladies life is "Breathtaking!"

  4. Dear Fishducky, I'm going to remember "fantastic"!!!!! And picture myself swimming with the dolphins. Blake looked like he was having so much fun, especially when he held on to the dolphins flippers and they face done another! Peace.

    1. An ex-nun can't use the word "fantastic" substitutes for, can she?

  5. I loved the lemonade stand. Clever girl. And I guess if we look hard enough, every situation has a positive.

  6. Maybe the rest of those rats need to leave the ship. Heeheehee!

    Thanks for the funnies, i really enjoy your posts.

  7. I love Don't Worry Be Happy! Had never seen that video, though.
    I always wonder if the dolphins are happy.
    Lots of good ones today, Fran! :)

  8. The joke lady has "fantastic," Seinfeld had "breathtaking," and a psychology professor taught me "Imagine that!" He told us how a former student had run into him after several years, having married and had a child. "I think my son is going to be very smart. His first words were, 'May I have a cookie, please?'

    The professor replied, "Imagine that!" So we were all on edge the rest of the semester, lest he respond to one of us with those words.

  9. Love the Sadie and Molly joke. I know a similar one where the lady went to charm school and now says "that's nice" instead of "f--- off"
    I agree with Aunty Acid too.

  10. This was a fantastic post. Oops. I mean, it was a great, fun-packed post.
    Keep smiling, Fishducky.


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