Monday, October 1, 2018


This is Burt Reynolds (the first male nude centerfold):

This is an artist's rendering of a bobcat in roughly the same pose:

(This is from assorted older posts & one recent one.)

Friends of ours used to have a pet bobcat named Roberta Pussycat.  Let me tell you about our first meeting. I went to pick my friend Flavia up for lunch.  She wasn't quite ready so she asked me to have a seat in the living room.  Her bobcat, Roberta, whom I had never met, came & sat at my feet.  I guess it was instinct that made her growl & raise a fully clawed paw at me.  I was a young mother & I had instincts, too.  Without a thought in my mind that she was a wild animal, I reached down & slapped her face!!  She looked at me & sat down again & we got along fine.  It was my fault--I didn't realize that I was sitting in her chair!!

Roberta had her meals at the table with them.  Her favorite foods were asparagus & shrimp.  Her table manners were fine if you don't count putting your face in your food & licking your plate. Due to her lack of opposable thumbs she was never able to master the use of silverware.

Not everyone was comfortable with Roberta.  I remember one time we were at her house for dinner.  My father-in-law Phil was also a guest.  Phil was sitting on the couch & Roberta was pacing back & forth behind him on the couch back, at shoulder level.  Phil kept mumbling, almost inaudibly, "Nice kitty.  Nice kitty."

Flavia & Earl owned a boat for a little while. It was called the "Pussycat", of course.  We went out on it with the three of them once.  I won't say for sure that Roberta was seasick because she never actually upchucked.  The weird look in her eyes & the tinge of green around the gills makes me think I was right, though. A seasick bobcat is a strange sight!!

My husband & I were making our first trip to Europe.  We had been with our friends Earl & Flavia who now lived in Paris & we went on to London.  We decided to invite them to come over to London & go to a stage show & dinner as a “thank you”.  We saw “Jesus Christ, Superstar”, which had just opened.  After dinner Flavia asked the maitre d' for a doggy bag for her leftovers. He said, "Oh, you have a dog?"  She told him no, that she had a cat.  "Moi, aussi," (So do I) he said, "What kind?"  She said that she actually had a bobcat.  "Moi, aussi," he said excitedly & they whipped out pictures--proud parents that they were!!

If you'd like to see a short video of a bobcat in the wild click here.


  1. Loved that you were in her chair. Once when I was reading meters, I felt something on my leg and it was a bobcat rubbing against my leg. I was dripping fear thinking rabid animal when his owner opened the door and called him inside. Phew.

  2. I remember this post and LOVE the video of the bobcat. They are gorgeous animals...and a little less dangerous than a cougar. ;)

  3. I think a bobcat in the house would make me nervous. I remember when the centerfold came out, but I didn't actually see it until years later. I was too young to be allowed to look at such a scandalous photo. It was all over the news.


    1. What gives/gave you more fear--a bobcat in the house or your parents not letting you see the centerfold?

  4. The closest we ever got to a wild animal in the house was Chippy the Squirrel.

    Thanks for the great funnies!

  5. The first (and only) piece of artwork I ever sold was a pencil drawing of a bobcat in the snow. Never saw one in person. I'm not sure I'd want to, no matter how tame. Animals gonna animal, if they get the urge.

  6. I watched the little video, what a beautiful cat! A little too hefty for me to be wanting one, but so beautiful.

    1. I think Roberta weighed between 25 & 30 lbs, which I admit is a little hefty for a house cat!!


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