Monday, November 26, 2018


I have a great appreciation of bees.  They work hard to make honey.  They pollinate many of our crops.  We probably wouldn't have enough to eat if it weren't for bees.  We certainly wouldn't have as much variety in our diets.  What I don't appreciate is having fifty or so dead bees on my front porch every evening, which we've had for a couple of weeks!!

I told my exterminator about them & he sprayed the porch--twice.  Like moths, they were attracted to my porch light.  He said we didn't have a new hive & they must have come from my neighbor Richard's trees.  Richard didn't have a regular exterminator but he called one out.  They found a hive in the eaves over his garage & removed it.  He said we might have a few bees for a couple of days but we didn't; they were all gone!!  The exterminator explained, "The bee goes out to work.  After work, he stops for some beer & gets a buzz on.  Then he flies home & says, 'Holy shit, my house is gone!!' & he leaves."

A poem from my husband's childhood:

The bee is such a busy soul,
He has no time for birth control.
That is why, in times like these,
There are so many sons of b's!!