Friday, January 18, 2019


Yes, I know they are called optical illusions & not delusions,
but that's what Nameless called them growing up &
I think it's a better description!!

These lines are not moving.

Nor are  these.

The horizontal lines are straight:

Where are the dots going?

This pinwheel is not turning.

In the 2 illusions above, the center (only) seems to move as you move your head.

Can you read this?

The stuff in the blue dots will move.

They don't.

These lines are not pulsating.

There's someone in there.

Even animals are fooled!!

This is my favorite.
This one has a couple of different cool things.  
First, if you follow the pink dot moving, the dots will remain pink, 
but if you stare at the plus sign in the center, the rotating dot will turn green. 

Want to see a woman turn herself into a puppet?  Click below:





  1. Had trouble seeing some of them move but I did see "I can't sleep".

  2. They all moved. I saw the words and creepy guy behind bars. But the pink and green dots--OMG! I watched a green dot appear and as it went around all the pink ones disappeared. Awesome! I suspect things move more than usual these days with my wonky eye. Straight lines aren't straight anymore in the first place--LOL! Fun--but could give me a headache--LOL!

    1. Take two aspirins, keep looking at the post & call me in the morning!!

  3. I've always been fascinated by optical illusion... um sorry.. I meant "delusions." The ones you posted are all terrific... especially that pink dot that turns green. (!)

    I like the cartoons, too, but I'm afraid I'd need a lot more than an optical illusion bathing suit to fool anybody...)

  4. I couldn't read the words until I got tipped off in the comments, and even then, it took a couple tries. I made the spinning pinwheel stop by putting my finger on one of the arms. But if I didn't look at that exact spot where my finger was, it started spinning again.

    1. These illusions seem to have a mind of their own!!

  5. Unfortunately, optical illusions, like strobe lights, give me headaches if i'm exposed too long. Sometimes i can't sleep, either.

    1. I can't take strobe lights, either, but I love optical illusions!!

  6. 'Can you read this?' Yes I can, it says I can't sleep. The pink dots with the + in the centre, if you stare at the + and see the green dot circling, then blink, for just a second all the dots appear green. I also saw the man in the stripes by shaking my head, but that made my sinuses hurt, so I won't be doing that again.

    1. Take two green dots & call me in the morning!!

  7. Dear Fishducky, I couldn't go through all the illusions/delusions because they bring on Meniere's! But your two words made me think of the three Presences that came into my life in the convent. Some would say they were delusions; others, possibly, delusions. I need to think about this. Peace.

    1. I certainly didn't mean to aggravate your Meniere's. I think those Presences were illusions/delusions!!


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