Friday, January 18, 2019


Yes, I know they are called optical illusions & not delusions,
but that's what Nameless called them growing up &
I think it's a better description!!

These lines are not moving.

Nor are  these.

The horizontal lines are straight:

Where are the dots going?

This pinwheel is not turning.

In the 2 illusions above, the center (only) seems to move as you move your head.

Can you read this?

The stuff in the blue dots will move.

They don't.

These lines are not pulsating.

There's someone in there.

Even animals are fooled!!

This is my favorite.
This one has a couple of different cool things.  
First, if you follow the pink dot moving, the dots will remain pink, 
but if you stare at the plus sign in the center, the rotating dot will turn green. 

Want to see a woman turn herself into a puppet?  Click below: