Friday, March 8, 2019


Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I don't think I actually hate anyone.  That being said, there are a few people I have an intense dislike of.  Heading that list would be Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  She is a loud mouthed, self serving hypocrite with a God complex who believes she is always right.  She calls NOW The National Organization of What Kind of Women?  She thinks librarian is a stupid & worthless job. Her doctorate, by the way, is in physiology, although she eventually took some classes in marriage & family therapy.

She claims to be against affairs, divorce & for family values.  The first of her affairs was with the married Bill Ballance, during which he took nude pictures of her & posted them on the internet.  If you want to see the nude pictures of her, click here.  (I will say she had a great tan.)  She sued him, claiming she had a copyright on the pictures.  She lost.  

She divorced her first husband, Michael Rudolph, after four or five years.  She had an affair with her second husband, Lewis Bishop, for several years while he was still married to someone else.  They lived together about nine years before they married.  During this marriage, she had her only child, Deryk.  She insisted on giving him her maiden name, Schlessinger.  She told Bishop something to the effect of "I carried him.  I went through labor & I'm going to name him anything I God damn want."  Bishop agreed.

Here is Deryk & his idea of humor:

As for family, she was estranged from them (father, mother & only sibling, a sister) for many years.  Her mother died in her apartment & it took anywhere from ten days to two months to discover her body.  The coroner couldn't be sure.  Dr. Laura hadn't seen her for fifteen or twenty years.

She would insist that unhappy wives stay in their marriage & that fathers stay in their home for the sake of their children, even though the children were unhappy with that situation.  She finally left AM radio after a controversy about her use of the "N" word.  You can read about it here.

If she's still on the air (& I hope she's not) you can catch her at SiriusXM Triumph Ch. 111.

Here's the whole very funny Frasier takeoff  on Dr. Laura, "Dr. Nora".  If it's the wrong video (& it well might be),  try here & scroll down to the video, "Dr Nora -- You Tube."
Or here's a transcript of the show:

I used to listen to her if  was tired & driving, because arguing with her would keep me awake----fishducky