Friday, July 20, 2012


I’m telling you quite honestly

I’d love to write fine poetry.

I’d show such versatility

that everyone would honor me.

The words would come forth trippingly

as if they had a melody.

I’d write of plants; of rose and tree.

I’d be a big celebrity!

I’d write of kings and royalty

and I’d discuss humanity.

I’d write of love so wistfully,

of sadness and of joie de vie

And I would do this masterfully.

            I’d lecture universally.

I’d do this work unselfishly

(though I’d accept gratuities).

 So let me add, in summary,

I’d gain much popularity.

My poems loved so zealously

that  publishers would say to me,

“Write more!”  They’d beg me fervently

for poems to fill their glossaries.

They’d organize parades; you’d see

me waving at fans jauntily.

The crowds, no longer orderly,

would clamor with intensity.

The President would say, pleadingly,

“Our Poet Laureate you have to be!”

I would decline, quite modestly.

This could become insanity.

I’d have to write incessantly,

If I were to act accordingly.

There would be no more time for me

to sit and daydream lazily.

I’d be pressured overwhelmingly

to keep up this activity.

I’d hear “Please write!” repeatedly

‘til writer’s cramp took hold of me.

My brain would start to atrophy.

No one would want to be with me.

My friends, is this my destiny?

Why, in this great democracy,

Should talent push relentlessly

and rob me of my dignity?

And so I ask you, tearfully,

            is that the way it has to be

If I could write as beautifully

as I had wished for previously?

My literary wizardry

might just attack me fatally!

I’ve thought this thing out carefully

and realize the absurdity

Of living my life tragically

if I could write great poetry.

With apologies to humankind,

I fear that someday I would find

My nerves all tangled in a bind

which I, (poor soul) could not unwind,

So—never mind!

----the lucky, plucky fishducky

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