Monday, December 17, 2012


            Sure, men & women both age, but for some reason women seem to stay happier.  More of them look like this:

than this:

It seems to me (of course, I’m a woman) that old men get more like this:

They probably all have the same blood type—B negative.
They’ve even made some movies about it:

These guys (below) should have an optirectomy.
That’s a surgery that severs the cord
connecting the optic nerve to the rectum.
Hopefully, that will put a stop to them
having such a shitty outlook on life!

My son found this for me.  My elementary school principal used to show it at assemblies in the 40's:

                                      We women understand this, because it happens to us, too:

At least we TRY to do better:

            How about a joke stolen from fresh off the internet?

            While out for an afternoon drive, an elderly couple stop at a coffee shop for lunch.  Back on the road afterwards, the woman realizes she’s left her glasses there & asks her husband to go back.  By then they’ve traveled quite a distance & have to go even further before they can find a place to turn around.  The old man moans & complains all the way back.  He calls his wife every name he can think of.  When they finally get back to the coffee shop & she gets out to get her glasses, he yells at her, “And while you’re there, stupid, you might as well get my wallet, too!”

Watch this instructional video (maybe the beer helped):

Remember, life is as funny as things get----fishducky