Monday, January 14, 2013


What with playing on my computer, having my hair & nails done, napping & going out to eat, I hardly have a moment to call my own.

We all get tired--even Spiderman.  I got in an elevator the other day & there he was.  I said, "Well, you've gotten a little lazy, haven't you?  Remember the old days when you'd just go up the side of the building?"  I really shouldn't have criticized him--I'm so lazy I don't even empty the trash in the recycle bin on my computer.

I was even thinking of doing this:
This woman found a cure for "lazy husbanditis":

& she seems to have patience:

Some people just seem to be genetically programmed for laziness. 
It's not their fault. 
I have no idea why these cartoons only show MEN that way:

This is not a good (or safe) suggestion
to make to a busy housewife:

Instead, I think ALL men should be like this:

Good news!
I think Garfield has found a solution to my problem:

Have you ever been this tired?

          I'm going to relax & recoup my strength to I can write my next post. Would you please pass me the potato chips?----fishhducky