Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It was suggested to me that my blog might use a little refreshing--something to pick up the pace--but I'm not sure how to go about it.  Help me out here, please!

There are several subjects that that come to mind that I could write about.  Here are some of them:

1.  The exciting life of accountants:
But is there really any excitement in an accountant's life?

2.  Weight:

Too sensitive a subject!

3.  An imminent threat to our cities:
Too scary!

4.  Marriage:
Even scarier!!

5.  Our children & grandchildren:

Too cutesy!

6.  Our memory:
I almost forgot to put this one in!

7.  Getting lost:
The only GPS my husband approves of.

8.  What's left to blog about--death?
No way!!

Never mind--I've decided to keep doing what I've been doing.  I don't care what my critics say!!  I found this online & it says it all!!  (Present company excepted, of course!)



----the frank, fearless (& feathered)----fishducky