Monday, November 4, 2013


The score on this post seems to be Google 1, fishducky 0!!  On Friday, when this was supposed to run, only selected (not by me) people got it so I'm running it again today--I HOPE!!

Maybe this is why:

Chuck Norris earrings should keep muggers away!!

I think Nameless was in middle school (Jr. High, to us) when we went on a vacation & a friend, Lynn, moved in to babysit our kids.  (Note: We used to take two trips a year. One was with the kids--a trip.  The other was just the two of us--A VACATION!)  She had been wanting to have her ears pierced for a long time & Bud finally permitted it. He told Lynn she could take her & have it done.  His only stipulation was that she must have it done by our doctor.  He was apparently very concerned about the well being of his darling little girl. They went to our doctor, who pierced both ears, & she was just fine.   A few months later, I decided to have my ears pierced & told Bud that I was going to make a doctor's appointment to have it done.  He said, & I quote, "Why go to the doctor's?  Won't they pierce your ears free at the jewelry store if you buy earrings?"  'Nuff said!!

We were in the Caribbean with two secretaries from Bud's office.  They were our guests. (Having Bud as a boss did have its perks.)  One of them, Yolanda, had worn the same pair of earrings since she was a little baby.  She didn't even own another pair.  She had decided to give them to her niece & wanted to buy a pair of diamond earrings while in the islands because they were cheaper there & duty free.  I was with the other secretary in another part of the store while Yoli looked for earrings.  She called us over & asked if we thought the pair she was trying on were too big for her--she is very petite. The saleswoman laughed & said, "Honey, there's no such thing as diamonds that are too big!"   

Have you ever noticed that when you compliment someone on their earrings, they will automatically reach up & touch them to see which ones they're wearing?  Try it--I can almost guarantee that's what will happen!!

I have two piercings in my left ear & one in my right.
Maybe I am unbalanced--my husband thinks so!!
I have lots of earrings, but none quite like these:
The Vulcan look

I will never lose my cell phone again!

These are sort of neat.
They glow in the dark!

I don't want to brag or make anyone feel bad, but I can still fit into my first pair of earrings----fishducky



Did you know that some cows are pole dancers?

I've come to the conclusion that there's not much difference between human beings & animals--almost any animal.  See if you recognize yourself--or at least someone you know.  Below are some examples:

I'm king of the world!!

Menopause sucks!!

Who the heck is "Sugar Lips"?

Man, those brownies were great!

We said we don't want any magazine subscriptions!

I'm not overweight--I'm undertall!

Who-oo loves ya, Baby?

Was that a mouse?

You do have an odd way of looking at things.

Lunchtime at the corncob cafe.

Those car keys have to be around here somewhere!

Your jokes are so ba-aa-ad!

I hate this game!

Hi, I'm Celeste.  I'll be your aura concierge.

Just act natural & try to blend in.

We all know him:
Where's my coffee?

This bear, made of concrete, lives on the landing of my stairs.  
The artist (whose name I can't remember) did all sorts 
of animals with human facial expressions.  
You could look at his squirrel, for instance, 
& be reminded of your Uncle Max or Aunt Bertha.  
The first time a friend of ours saw this he said, 
"He looks like someone who's just farted in an elevator!" 
 I agree!!

You'll have to admit that the reactions of dogs & cats
are extremely similar when their military owners return
home after months of deployment:

This one should fit in nicely here:

And some other cartoons:

I had an aunt like this:

Mind if I come in for a minute & get warm?

It should come as no surprise that this post was written by a duck----fishducky