Wednesday, April 9, 2014


* "Foreplay"

There's a very clever artist named Michael Bedard whose work I absolutely love.  He paints mostly ducks, with an occasional alligator thrown in.  They all make me laugh!!  I have several of his paintings & "Foreplay" (above)  I have as an about 10" high statuette on my living room mantle.  The foreplay refers to the two bugs about to have sex on the golf ball.  See if you like them as much as I do.

Some of his work:
This is * "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper

There have been many parodies painted.
This one has James Dean, Humphrey Bogart,
Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley.

& Bedard's version, * "Window Shopping".

*** "Women's Open"

* "The Failure of Capitalism"
(That's a hill of money they're sitting on.)

** "The Crossing"

**  "Sitting Ducks"

*** "Stranger in Paradise"

*** "The Airport"

*** "Starducks"

* "Living Together"

*** "Getting Away From it All"

** "First Ducks on Mars"

*** "Ducktape"

** "Duck Soup"

*** "Assembly Line"

* I have this work.
** I had this in the beach condo, but it got lost when we moved out & rented it.
**&*** If you'd like to buy me this as a gift, please feel free to do so!!

Some art cartoons:

OK, I'll actually write something next time----fishducky