Friday, April 18, 2014


Important (to me) notice: Starting next week, I'm cutting back a little on posting.  I'm eliminating Wednesday's post--I will post on Mondays & Fridays only!!

Little Penelope Whatshername was at one of her least favorite places in the world; the dentist’s office.  Dr. Shinyteeth’s nurse had just fastened the bib around Penny’s neck and told her he would be in in a minute.  Penny thought, “Why do I need a bib when I come here?  They must think I’m a baby.  I hate going to the dentist!  I wish he would just go away and live with the dragons and take all of his instruments with him.  If I wish very hard, maybe he will.”  And she wished and wished with all of her might.

At that very moment, Dr. Shinyteeth was just coming into the room, and he disappeared!  (Did you know that when little children wish for something as hard as they can, they get their wish?  It’s true.)  He reappeared in a forest in the middle of a dragon family.  They all seemed to be very concerned with the smallest dragon, who was holding his mouth.  He was moaning and groaning and spitting fire.

Dr. Shinyteeth was a very nice man.  Instead of running to hide behind a tree or a big rock, as most of us would do, he asked the dragons if he could be of any help to their child, who was obviously in pain.  The mother of the poor little suffering dragon told him, “No, but it’s extremely kind of you to offer.  Junior has a very bad toothache and, as you know, nothing can be done for it.  We’ll just have to wait until it falls out.”  He told them that he was a dentist and that this was right up his alley.  Momma dragon asked him what a dentist was, and also asked, “What’s an alley?”

He explained that a dentist was someone who kept teeth in good shape and also told them what an alley was.  They didn’t have an appointment but this being a special case, he would see the little dragon right away.  Junior sat down and the dentist asked him to open his mouth.  Out came more fire!  Dr. Shinyteeth jumped out of the way and spoke to the momma dragon, who then said to her son, “Try not to blow fire, sweetheart.  We don’t want to burn the nice man.” 

He fixed Junior’s sore tooth and cleaned all of the little dragon’s teeth.  He even cleaned the teeth of all the other dragons who were there.  He told them that to keep from getting toothaches they should brush twice a day.  Since they didn’t have toothbrushes, they could just break off a piece of a brush or a tree and use that.  They were very grateful and Junior even gave him a big hug.

About this time, Penny was feeling guilty for wishing the dentist away.  “After all,” she thought, “He is a very nice person and he just wants to help me.”  She wished him back.  While he was cleaning her teeth, he said, “I must have dozed off for a second while I was coming into the room” and he told her about the dragons.  “Silly dream, wasn’t it?  By the way, you have no cavities!  Keep up the good work and I’ll see you in six months.  Help yourself to something out of the toy box.”

Penny thanked Dr. Shinyteeth and gave him a big hug, just like Junior.  She then went to the toy box where she picked out a little stuffed dragon.  It seemed appropriate.  


When the dentist tells you to spit, he means into the bowl!!----fishducky