Monday, June 23, 2014


(Originally published 1/11/12)

We have a friend, Theo, in Texas who used to be an accountant for an oil company.  He wasn’t wealthy, but his job gave him access to a private plane & pilot.  He invited Bud & me to join him & his wife, Lynn, on a trip to the Grand Old Opry to celebrate his 50th birthday.  He sent out the plane to pick us up in Los Angeles.  (Flying in a private plane is lovely.  It should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I love when the pilot carries my luggage to the plane & asks when we would like to take off!)

We spent a few days in their home & then it was off to Nashville.  I was his “official” photographer & took lots of pictures of the birthday boy with the performers.  Everyone was “down home” & friendly.  It was a blast!  We then had OUR pilot fly us to New Orleans for more fun & lots of great food.  A few days there & it was time to go home.  On the private plane, of course.

We had such a marvelous time, a really nice thank you gift was in order.  I had taken my full length “mink” coat on the trip with me.  Even though this was before the days of PETA, it was not a real fur.  It was a man-made mink that looked exactly like a real one.  (Another friend had a real mink in the same color.  I put mine next to hers & you couldn’t tell where one stopped & the other started.  The color & texture were identical.) Theo had insisted on no gifts, but Lynn loved my coat so we decided to send one to her, with his permission.  He kept it a secret from his wife.

Her cleaning woman was at her house when United Parcel rang the bell.  She told Lynn that there was a package for her.  When Lynn saw who had sent it, she told the cleaning woman that she knew that it would be something nice & to sit down & watch while she opened it.  Lynn said her cleaning woman’s face almost hit the floor when she pulled out what seemed to be a full length mink coat!  The woman asked her why we had sent it.  She told her we were very nice people & that we sent it because we knew she would like it--& that it was a “hostess” thank you present.  

Lynn told us that the last thing she heard her cleaning woman say as she left the room was, “I wish I knew me some crazy rich people in California!”

This is Joe Namath:

I hate wearing dead animals, but the live ones bite & scratch----fishducky