Friday, August 15, 2014


* I love you, Mr. Nameless!! 

(This post is dedicated to my son-in-law, Nameless' husband.  He will be referred to as S. A., Signore Anomino--Mr. Nameless.)

Take a good look at the cartoon above.  It shows my son-in-law one day a few years ago when he was pleading with his daughters to tell him where they had hidden his glasses.  He told them he couldn't find them & he had looked everywhere!  When they were finally able to stop laughing, they told them they were in his hand.

A while ago he & Nameless went to a restaurant for dinner.  They were about to get into their car when S. A. told her that he had to go back into the restaurant because he had forgotten his glasses.  She found that odd & told him that he was wearing them.

(This paragraph is from a recent post)
Last year we took our family to dinner at Lawry's prime rib restaurant  to celebrate my daughter & son-in-law's wedding anniversary & my granddaughter's 22nd birthday. There were 9 of us at a round table.  I was seated first & S. A. (the birthday girl's father) chose to sit on my left.  We were all talking & laughing & near the end of the dinner we were chatting with our waitress.  She told us that she had thought that my son-in-law & I were a couple because we obviously enjoyed each other's company so much. She thought I was a COUGAR!!  I loved it!!

S. A. was raised in Italy & came here to marry my daughter.  They met while they were both in school in Switzerland.  He spoke Italian (of course) & French when he came here, but not English.  One of the very first phrases in English that he learned was, "It's not my fault; it's Nameless' fault!"  They have now been married for more than 25 years, so he obviously has had many occasions to use it.

Soon after S .A. arrived in California, he took an ESL (English as a Second Language) course & had gotten a job as a stock boy.  He came over one day & said, “Mom, this guy at work keeps asking me questions around lunchtime & I don’t know what he’s saying.  I looked up the words & couldn’t find them in the dictionary.”  I asked him what the words were.  He told me “jeet” & “wajeet”.  If he hadn’t mentioned that it was around lunchtime, I’m not sure I could’ve helped him.  I told him his coworker was asking, “Did you eat?” & “What did you eat?”. 

I assume this is how he learned Italian:

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