Friday, December 26, 2014


Have you ever gotten exasperated irked piqued displeased put out chagrined nettled in a bad mood in a temper teed off ticked off bent out of shape irritated cross angry vexed sore pissed off a little annoyed?  You're not alone!!

Bud & I had taken the kids to Universal Studios.  We were early & waiting in line for the gates to open.  A young couple crowded into line in front of us.  They were alone & not connecting with anyone who was already in the line.  I guess I didn't have too much patience that day, because I found myself saying, in a very loud voice, "May I have everyone's attention, please. These people (& I pointed them out) are obviously more important than we are & are in a big hurry because they cut into the line instead of waiting at the end.  Would everyone just ignore fairness & common courtesy & let them ahead of you, please?"  They left.  I'm never sure what's going to come out of my mouth, but I'm glad that did!!

Do you ever get tired of telemarketers calling & yet you’re too polite to just hang up?  Me, too.  I think I got even some time ago when I was very busy & someone called me with an offer for pre-need funerals.  “I told him, “I’m so sorry—I wish you had called last week.  I died yesterday!”

One of my Blogger friends, the Chubby Chatterbox, posted this comment on Cranky Old Man's post about telemarketers:

I used to be on a "no call" list but now the solicitation calls come fast and furious. The only satisfaction I get is when someone calls to sell me something I ask them to wait so I can go fetch my credit card. Then I go watch Wheel of Fortune. It tickles me to wonder how long they stay on the line. Mrs. C. tells me this is a wicked thing to do and these folks are just trying to make a living. I tell her there are other, better, ways to do that.

This guy did even better with his telemarketer:

For an interesting way someone else handled a telemarketer
click here.

Does your significant other ever drive you up the wall?

Some other things that annoy me:

Labels that don't peel off:

When you think you've found a parking space but you haven't:

 The guy who thinks he owns the parking lot:

 This--in a public restroom:

Butter that's stronger than bread:

Maybe this knife would help:

 An eraser that doesn't:

Apparently, even the Christ of the Andes statue can be annoyed:
click here

This knock knock joke fits in well here:

Annoyer: Knock, knock.

Annoyee: Who's there?

Annoyer: Interrupting cow. 

Annoyee: Interru...

Annoyer: Mooo!!

The most annoying joke of all time:
Annoyer: Knock-knock.
Annoyee: Who's there?
Annoyer: Banana.
Annoyee: Banana who?
Annoyer: Knock-knock.
Annoyee: Who's there?
Annoyer: Banana.
Annoyee: Banana who?
Annoyer: Knock-knock.
Annoyee: Who's there?
Annoyer: Orange.
Annoyee: Orange who?
Annoyer: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Ever try to sleep late with a cat around to annoy you?

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