Friday, January 16, 2015


In today's society it is important to be able to spell.  Some of us are lucky enough born with the gift of being able to visualize the spoken word.  I used to proofread my husband's legal papers before he sent them out.  I didn't understand them, but I was still able to catch his many errors. Not being able to spell will limit your career choices.  OK, you can still become a successful attorney, but imagine your life as, say, a tattoo artist.  These could be samples of your work:

I don't know if this counts, but it's funny!!

You'd never become a successful street painter:

Or sign maker:

They corrected the one on your right:

Would you eat here?

Or here?

They'd probably hide these letters from you:

Don't even try to make team uniforms:

Or operate a mortuary:

You might want to avoid texting or tweeting:

(I think they meant holocaust & mediocre)

And who would have confidence in your news broadcasts?:

These people think I'm totally wrong:

This is a true story from notalwaysright.com:

Me: “Thank you for calling [internet provider]. How can I help you?”
Caller: “Yes, I am trying to provision my personal modem for your internet and I am having issues. Could you help?”
Me: “Sure. May I please have your modem id?”
Caller: “001, E as in igloo, A as in apple, 3251, E as in igloo.”
Me: “So that was 001, Echo, Alpha, 3251, Echo?”
Caller: “No. E as in Igloo!”
Me: “Sorry, sir, but igloo begins with an i.”
Caller: “The heck it does! Igloo is spelled E-G-L-U-E. I have a G.E.D.—you can’t pull one over on me, Mr. Fancy Pants!”

Punctuation is important, too:

Want to take a middle school spelling test?

On Nameless' 3rd grade report card, her teacher had written a note; "She has been a real chalenge  to have in class."----fishducky