Monday, February 23, 2015


There are many things that are obviously 
wrong & dangerous with the picture above.

The following pictures are much more subtle.
Can you tell what's wrong with them?

The photos are from BuzzFeed.
The captions are mine.
Scroll down slowly.
The answers are below each picture.

The Pixar lamp is always white.

Only 4 otters are allowed in a dog park at a time.

The flamingo in the center should be pink.

The iron is not plugged in.

The man does not have his pooper scooper.

It is politically incorrect to wear a fur coat on camera.

He told Life Alert he'd fallen & he can't get up & is waiting for them.

The panda is pissed because he couldn't get an upgrade to first class.

The officer on the right is explaining to his partner 
that the dry cleaners lost his uniform.

Leonardo DiCaprio should never be photographed before he shaves.

It is not necessary to hold a salute during a religious ceremony.

Maximum seating capacity of this stump is 3 cats.

This rare octopus has lost 7 of his arms & is
waiting for them to regenerate.

His seat belt is much too loose for safety.

You cannot take a selfie without a camera.

The horse is a secret agent plotting his escape after being interrogated.

If you turn the top picture over you can plainly see
that the instructor is teaching the couple a new routine for
"Dancing With The Bats".

He doesn't get the joke but is laughing to be polite.

He actually knows very little about auto mechanics but
is trying to save a buck.

The electrician on the left is training his new assistant.

She is not allowed on the furniture.

His wife needed the car & he was forced to use public transportation.

The kangaroo on the left is Italian & insists on talking with his hands.

Cartoons about misteaks mistakes:

Hypothetically, what if there were no hypothetical questions?----fishducky